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    Border Tiles

    Border tiles are the perfect way to finish off a tiling job. They help to tie the room together, and can effortlessly merge two or more colours or styles of tile. We have a great selection of borders to choose from; from skinny pencil border tiles, through to rope profiles (with slanted ribs etched across them) and decorative mosaic borders. Whether you're tiling your walls with metros, stone or mosaics, we have the perfect border tile for you!

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Our Bestselling Border Tiles

Border Tile Ideas from Walls and Floors

Time for a change? By installing a new set of border tiles you can transform a plain or boring space to a beautiful eye-catching delight you'll love spending time in, try a satin cream Tumbled Marble Border or a cream Brick Shaped Marble Border Tiles.

Whatever room you're thinking about installing new border tiles in you won't need to worry about finding the right tiles for you - simply browse our huge range of stone and glass border tiles at Walls and Floors and discover your perfect border tile for your home. View our unrivaled range of contemporary patterned to old Victorian and retro tiles, search Border Tiles by colour or style.

At Walls and Floors the variety of glass border tiles available is set to impress and we're sure you'll find the right tiles for you. However if you're not sure about any particular type of border tile why not order a border tiles sample and see for yourself

If you've taken the plunge and done some tiling in your house, you will have one final step to complete before the room is finished. Border tiles are the perfect product to add to your tiling handiwork and round off what is sure to be a job well done.They give you those super straight lines or add a bit of interest to something plain and simple.


Border tiles can make a room look crazy or sophisticated, depending on your personal preference. They're versatile enough that you could actually use them to do all of your tiling rather than just the borders, but of course this is personal choice.

If you want to keep it classy, go for a super straight border tile in a neutral colour. An off-white or beige colour can give you a great finish when paired with tiles in most colours. Alternatively, pick a matching border tile just to finish things off and create a sleek, professional look.

Go wild

If you want to shake things up a bit, why not go for something a bit wackier and use your border tiles to create an interesting contrast to the rest of the tiling? Our Brick Border tiles come in various bright colours, so you can use them to make accents within the main body or to have a fun border to finish off instead.  

If you want something that will catch the eye but isn't overly garish, why not opt for Mosaic Border tiles? You can create a subtle design that will glitter in the light and they are the perfect solution for a bathroom. They give you the chance to make them as striking as you want; you get to choose the look that suits you.

Raised edges

Why not go for something that actually feels different to the rest of your tiles? Our Minton Hollins Borders tiles have raised details to bring another element to the space. Available in a range of designs and patterns, these are great for using halfway up the wall as a divider.

If you like the idea of having border tiles that literally stand out but still want to keep things simple and classy, try the Newton Rope Profile Strip tiles. They will fit together nicely with a neutral colour palette and still add a little interest to the design. You can use them to make a very simple border for a splashback or something bigger like a room divider or to go around the skirting boards instead.

Whatever design you choose for your tiles, having borders is essential to complete the look. It can add a little something to the room or just make it look finished off and like you've worked really hard to decorate. It won't take too much longer once you've done the main body of your tiles, but it can totally transform the room and make it look like it was a very detailed, time-consuming process.

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