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Floor Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Floor tiles can be incorporated into many different rooms in your home. From your kitchen to your bathroom, tiles are a versatile floor covering that come in a range of designs to suit every taste.

For easy cleaning and durability, floor tiles are a convenient alternative to carpet, particularly if you have small children that are likely to spill. They will make it easy for cleaning up any mess and also give you a strong, long-lasting surface that can withstand a fair amount of everyday use.

If you want to tile your bathroom, you'll find a huge selection to choose from, allowing you to incorporate the tiles into a number of different themes. You can easily have the tiling continue from the floors to the walls, blending seamlessly to create a slick, chic design.

The widest range of tile colours and finishes

You can have any and every colour and design. Whether you want a light, airy subtle look or a bold, bright and funky theme, you'll find patterns, shades and sizes to cater to your every need. Maybe it's a classic black and white look you're after? Don't be afraid to experiment with using different coloured tiles and make a mosaic effect for one of your floors. Not just for bathrooms and kitchens, have you thought about trying tiles in the living room or lounge with some cosy underfloor heating?

If you're looking to incorporate tiles into your commercial premises, this is no problem. Large-scale orders are just as welcome and as easily handled as a small order for an en-suite bathroom. If you're looking to tile on a budget, you'll find everything you need, in the same way as you will if you're trying to create a no-expense-spared, luxury space.

Quick and easy floor tiling

Tiling is a very easy process if done correctly so be sure to take your time to get it right. Stock up on spacers and grout to make sure you position the tiles correctly on the floor. Your grout will help to seal the tiles together and provide a watertight surface suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and any other room that takes your fancy.

Ensure you apply the adhesive evenly and affix the tiles in a logical order. Stick to doing a row at a time so you can ensure they all line up correctly. If one of the tiles is sitting too high, use a rubber hammer and some wood to level it down. Similarly, if one sits too low, remove it immediately, reapply the adhesive and place the tile again. Use a spirit level to ensure all the tiles sit level otherwise you may end up with an uneven floor.

Check out our expert how to tile a floor video for a step by step guide.

If you're new to tiling, you may find some of the extra information hugely beneficial and it could put your mind at rest, leaving you confident with the thought of tiling your floors. Walls and Floors has a huge selection of tiles to meet your every need, so have a browse, make your decision and get tiling!

The endless floor tiling choices

When it comes to tiling a floor space, there are several paths you can take. You could create a captivating checkerboard effect – piece together a monochrome mix of black and white floor tiles. Alternatively, you could invite the natural look into your home – whether you want the real thing or one of our realistic alternatives. Our Wood Effect Tiles are perfect for floor areas. Alive with ripples, wood-grain and lifelike knots, they give the illusion of a beautifully reclaimed floor.

You could choose to go down the traditional route by introducing our rustic Quarry Tiles to those floor spaces. Made from clay, they are perfect for bringing that enchanting rural look into the room of your choice. We offer a mixture of different Quarry Tile colours – from lively red, through to a mellow cream, and a dark and atmospheric black.

Create a flowing floor space

A stylish trend in 2014 is casting aside those differentiating floor areas. You know the ones; laminate in one room, vinyl in another, carpet in another. Rip them all out, and have one singular floor covering run throughout your home. Tiles are perfect for achieving this effect. Maybe you're looking for floor designs for entryways, a hallway or even an outdoor pathway?

Introduce underfloor heating

Why not add some extra warmth to those floor areas by adding some underfloor heating? It might be an afterthought to you in the warmer months, but remember – a well-tiled floor will last you many years, and many winters – so it might be worth lying some underfloor heating now, ready for when the cold snap next comes around! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm tiles underfoot.

You may be considering under-floor heating as an option for some of your rooms. With under-floor tile heating kits and heater mats, this is a viable possibility to keep your feet warm during the colder winter months. There are guides on how to lay these heating systems, as well as step-by-step tutorials on the correct way to tile a floor.

Reasons to Buy Floor Tiles

Laying some new floor tiles? Take a little look at our how to tile a floor video. It's a handy step by step guide from Walls and Floors. Our helpful and professional tiler takes you through the process of tiling a floor; from planning and preparation, right through to grouting the joints. Thinking of fitting Undertile Floor Heating? Watch our guide on how to lay underfloor heating. 

Take a stroll across our fantastic range of floor tiles. No matter what style you’re looking for, we have it. From the soft and subtle, to the chic and bold. Doing up the kitchen? Check out our Kitchen Floor Tiles? Shopping for the bathroom? Have a look at our Bathroom Floor Tiles.

How about our popular Slateface Floor Tiles? Invite these into your home, and impress your guests with the warm, rich feeling they add to the room flooring. Why not try our hard wearing Porcealin Kuala Floor Tiles? Add a bit of trend and elegance to your home!

We're delighted to announce that we've now assembled some handy Underfloor Tile Heating kits. Fitting a heated under tile floor has never been easier. Our Underfloor Heater Mats come with a lifetime of warranty, so you can rest assured you're making a safe purchase. Underfloor Heating from Walls and Floors is safe, energy efficient, and easy to use. You shouldn't tile a floor without it this season.

All tiles come with our fantastic Price Beat Promise. Pair that with our super-fast two-day delivery, and you’ve got yourself an excellent online deal.

There are many reasons for choosing floor tiles as an alternative to carpets or other floor coverings from ease of cleaning to durability. Whether you're looking for tiles for the home or for commercial premises you're sure to find the perfect to create the right impression with Walls and Floors. We offer an unrivaled range of Johnson Kerastar Tiles ideal for all commercial floor situations, in a wide spectrum of colours.

Our extensive selection of floor tiles ranges from Budget Tiles to opulent and decorative options - our best-selling Slateface Tiles range is our most popular ceramic floor tile, while the Kuala Tiles range offers a porcelain alternative. Add a rustic feel with aTradtional Red Quarry Tiles, ideal for both commercial and domestic kitchen areas.

Whether you are decorating your bathroom kitchen or any other room around the home - or you need floor tiles suitable for heavy traffic - we have an extensive range of flooring sure to suit your requirements. If you are working with a budget why not browse our fantastic floor collection of Value Tiles combining real quality with real value.

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