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    Mirror Tiles

    Want to make a room seem bigger? Try this selection of shimmering, glistening, reflective mirror tiles! Available in contemporary, compact mosaic form, as well as in a lavish, luxury bevelled brick shape, they are a stylish alternative to hang a mirror in a bathroom, kitchen or living room. Interior tip: Add mirror tiles to a windowless room.

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Our Bestselling Mirror Tiles

Mirror Tile Ideas from Walls and Floors

Browse through our hypnotic range of Mirror Tiles. They make a shimmering addition to any room in the house; they’re not limited to the kitchen and bathroom. Not only do they add volume and brightness to the room, but they add extravagance, too.

Dazzle your friends with our classic Mosaic Mirror Tiles; or fill your room with vibrant colour with our fantastic Coloured Mosaic Mirror Tiles. Or why not go a step further? Add the Midas touch to your room with this stunning range of Gold Mosaic Mirror Tiles. Don't want the mosaic look? Go for our Brick Mirror Tiles instead.

As always, you have Walls and Floors’ Price Beat Promise. We give the lowest price, guaranteed. We also offer an excellent two-day delivery option, so you can get your order faster than ever!

Reasons to Buy Mirror Tiles

Time for a change? By installing a new set of mirror tiles & mirror mosaics you can transform a plain or boring space to a beautiful eye-catching delight you'll love spending time in. We have a seleciton of mirror alternative on offer, from square mirror mosaic tiles on a mesh-netting to individual 100x100 single square mirror tiles from just £0.49 per each.

Whatever room you're thinking about installing new mirror tiles or mirror mosaics in you won't need to worry about finding the right tiles for you - simply browse our great range of mirror tiles and mirror mosaics at Walls and Floors and discover the perfect mirror tiles & mirror mosaics for you.

At Walls and Floors the variety of mirror tiles and mirror mosaic tiles available is set to impress and we're sure you'll find the tiles you're looking for.

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