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    Moroccan Tiles

    Invite the spice of Moroccan life into your bathrooms, kitchens and living areas this season, with our selection of Mediterranean Moroccan Tiles. A mix of decorative patterns, geometric designs, and efflorescent motifs, they are perfect for bringing a wall or floor space to life. Piece together a captivating patchwork design in true Arabesque style.

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Our Bestselling Moroccan Tiles

Reasons to Buy Moroccan Tiles

The Moroccan wall and floor tile collection is sure to inspire the creative side of your imagination. Combining vibrant mediterranean bold colours, luxury metallic and delicately hand drawn and finished pieces of art, these highly decorative feature tiles will transform any interior from the mundane to spectacular. Moroccan, Mexican and Turkish Moorish designs and patterns echo styles that have been inspiring designers and artists for thousands of years.

Choose from several different types of moorish Moroccan design, the Geometric collections such as Arabesque - Almas, Farah & Kamal, offer designs combining vibrant arabic colour and pattern for a bold effect, adding character and life into any interior scheme. 

Filigree collections are inspired by elaborate and intricate iznik designs, they will adorn your walls with delicate and sophisticated patterns, using intertwining scrolls and knots with a mesmerizing effect, these captivating tiles can be found in collections such as Arabesque - Hana & Yamina or our very own Azulej and Zellij Tiles.

Ornamental designs such as Arabesque - Jamiliah, Maya & Zara, are highly artistic with interweaving floral motifs inspired by nature, these Moorish patterns use rich colourways and liquid gold adornment for the ultimate luxurious finish.

When these beautiful Moroccan style decor tiles are teamed with Jewel Tone Prismatics and luxurious glass Mosaics to highlight individual colours they create a profusion of pattern and colour. The options are endless, the only limits are your own creativity and imagination!

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