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Natural Terracotta Tiles

Our Bestselling Natural Terracotta Tiles

Natural Terracotta Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you want to create a whole new effect in your home, natural terracotta tiles are brilliant. The very nature of the material means you can instantly warm your home up, creating a welcoming and cosy effect, whatever the room.

Natural shades

Terracotta tiles are made from natural clay that is then fired. The iron that is in the clay creates a range of different shades, meaning you can get your tiles in colours varying from yellows to reds to browns.

They can be ideal for creating a warm, inviting space whether that's in your kitchen or bathroom. You can have an understated, muted look or something altogether more dramatic and striking; the choice is yours. With the range of shades available, you can be sure to find the exact style you want to create.


Terracotta tiles are incredibly fashionable if you are trying to create a traditional look in your home. Teamed with wooden furniture, the tiles will create a striking, yet uniform look that will not be out of place in a traditional kitchen.

You can also add an old copper bath and sink to create an old-fashioned but stylish look for your bathroom. When teamed with our Terradine terracotta floor tiles, the look will be complete. Seal these tiles with linseed oil to create a surface barrier. This oiling process will also give the tiles a nice, glossy effect.


Some of our tiles can be good for outdoor use, as well as inside your home. If you want to create a beautiful terracotta tile driveway, both the Terradine and Rustic tiles will work well for this. You need to be sure to seal, polish and grout the tiles to protect them from the harshness of the weather.

Check out our range of different waxes to create the perfect finishing touch to your home that will match your taste exactly. Cotto Wax Natural will give your tiles a great finish, while Cotto Wax Marron will leave you with a slightly darker final effect; just choose the one that suits your property best.

Personal choices

Don't forget that with so many variations in colours, it can be a struggle to choose the right tile to match the rest of the room. Invest in the sample service to find the right effect that you are looking for and decide whether you would rather have a dark brown look or a lighter, more summery yellow tone.

You can then pick the effect you want before making your final order and going all out with the terracotta. It could be the case that you just want a small area to be tiled, in which case smaller tiles may look better. They can make a space look larger so do your measurements beforehand and decide what effect you want.

Don't forget our Price Beat Promise that will ensure you don't pay a fortune to get the perfect look for your home. We're so confident that our prices are the lowest around that if you find a comparable product cheaper elsewhere, we'll beat that price by five per cent.

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