2018 Interior Tile Collections

Animated by discovery, Craftsman’s Journal will provide an escape to a self made sanctuary. Modernised shapes are combined with crafted layering, raw edges and intricate patterns for a soulful spin, whilst burnished hues and rustic undertones implement warmth and enchantment; Take your home on a new adventure.

Sentimental and welcoming, Memory Lane evokes a depth of hidden nostalgia. Soft, calming colour palettes favour subtle textures to gift traditional shapes with a relaxed feel. Fond memories of yesteryear are heightened whilst vintage references generate a personal touch; Let your home tell your story.

Revel in an eclectic mix of tradition and opulence; Neo Treasures draws together rich materials and dramatic shades encapsulating a look of immaculate indulgence. Inspired by the art deco movement, shapes combined with fine details and flawless finishes’ are vital ingredients to inject bespoke design-led glamour enticing a ‘less is more’ boutique hotel feel - Celebrate your home with luxurious unique style.

A revisited journey of costal classics, New Coracle offers both tranquillity and harmony with an intimate Nordic touch. Endure a fresh approach on the Nautical cliché; organic materials are celebrated in tonal arrangements alongside an uplifting Mediterranean colour palette whilst simplified eastern references allure to a timeless setting with elegant impact - Flavour your home with the exotic.

At Walls and Floors we have crafted our new tile collections for 2018 based on the latest trends from the world of interior design. With a selection of products available for each and every style in a multitude of materials from ceramics and porcelain, right through to natural stone, glass and even natural driftwood; there is something for everyone. Our in house designers have travelled far and wide to develop four fail-safe interior tile collections; Neo Treasures, Memory Lane, New Coracle and Craftsman’s Journal; helping pair tile combinations and piece together the perfect décor scheme. Whether you’re renovating an existing period house, developing your forever-home or injecting your own personality into a new build, we hope to spark your imagination and give you the tools to unlock your dream home.