2019 Interior Tile Collections

Animate your interiors with the essence of discovery; the products in Craftsman's Journal are carefully selected to provide your home with an escape to a self made sanctuary. The craving to switch off from the technological world has never been so strong. As a natural reaction we have started ‘cocooning’ within our homes, crafting our relaxation spaces with the retreat lifestyle in mind.

Revel in an eclectic mix of tradition and indulgence; Neo Treasures is inspired by the art deco movement, shapes are combined with rich materials and dramatic hues to encapsulate a bespoke look of glamour. There are no rules to the theatrical opulence of maximalism; expressing individuality is one of the most celebrated messages across the globe, filtering right through to our home interiors!

Memory Lane welcomes a sentimental a depth of nostalgia; subtle textures are combined with softened colourways to gift traditional shapes with a relaxed feel. The growing lifestyle trend 'dreamland' praises time honoured elegance; it encourages the development of conventional peices giving new value to antiquated elements, over the modern and disposable.

New Coracle revives the nautical cliché providing interior spaces with a fresh, minimalistic scandi-inspired twist that generates a revitalising, contemporary vibe. Some of the most influential lifestyle trends to date (diet, fitness and mental stimulation) mean interior spaces are now designed to embody a deep sense of wellbeing, promoting a good mood and healthy lifestyle; this is known as Clean Living.

At Walls and Floors we have crafted our key collections for 2019 in line with the latest interior and lifestyle predictions clean living, cocooning, dreamland and maximalism. Our in house designers have travelled far and wide to develop the four fail-safe tile collections featured above; helping you play the interior designer and pair tile combinations that ultimately piece together the perfect décor scheme for your home.

With a selection of products available for each and every style in a multitude of materials from ceramics and porcelain, right through to natural stone, glass and even natural  driftwood; there is something for everyone. Whether you’re renovating an existing period house, developing your forever-home or injecting your own personality into a new build, we hope to spark your imagination and provide you the tools and ideas to #UnlockYourDreamHome.

Best Sellers

Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles

Now £10.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (146)

Rustic Oak Wood Effect Tiles

Now £16.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (257)

Scintilla Black Star Pattern Tiles

Now £19.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (225)

Ledbury Marina Blue Pattern Tiles

Now £24.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (54)

Cappella Gloss Carrara Marble Effect Tiles

Now £17.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (54)

Rustic Blue Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

Now £20.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (216)

Samanea Oak Suar Wood Effect Tiles

Now £20.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (116)

Rustic Masonry Classic Red Brick Effect Tiles

Now £33.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (111)

Coast Oyster Shell Stone Effect Tiles

Now £17.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (64)

Harran Antique Vintage Blue Pattern Floor Tiles

Now £13.95 / Per SQM

4 Stars (84)