10 Incredibly Stylish Bathroom Floor Tiles

There are several different options when it comes to giving your bathroom floor spaces a new look, but tiles are by far the best option. They’re affordable, stylish, long lasting, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and often come with grippy anti-slip surfaces! We have a vast selection of trendy bathroom floor tiles to choose from. Here are 10 of the very best…


1) Silver Fleur Tiles



Create a vintage styled statement floor in your bathroom with these stylish Silver Fleur Tiles. They have a period pattern in a cool monochrome palette. They have an R10 anti slip finish and are made from durable ceramic, so they’re hard wearing and will last for years to come!

They have a matt finish, which is true to the traditional encaustic tiles that they’re inspired by. Each tile has a grid scored into its face which, once tiled into, gives the illusion of four separate smaller tiles.



2) Suar Wood Effect Tiles



Wood has been a flooring favourite for millennia. But natural wooden flooring scratches easily, and it requires sanding and waxing every few months. That’s why wood effect tiles are the perfect option for floor spaces. They’re durable, zero maintenance, and easy to clean!

These Suar Wood Effect Tiles are one of the most realistic designs on the market! Alive with texture, knots and wood grain, they have an incredibly detailed print, and they’re very durable; making them perfect for use throughout the home.



3) Calacatta Marble Effect Tiles


Gold calacatta marble effect tiles


The natural look is popular for two reasons – not only does it add a bit of luxury to a room, but it also helps to create a soothing, relaxing scheme. Calacatta marble is one of the most sought after natural stones due to its stunning contrasting veining.

However, it can be a little expensive, and it also requires ongoing treatment and maintenance. That’s where these realistic White Gold Calacatta Marble Effect Tiles come in handy! They’re made from porcelain so they’re extremely hard wearing!



4) Antoinette Parquet Tiles


antoinette parquet style wood effect floor tiles in bathroom


As featured in Good Homes Magazine’s Cocooning Kitchen at the Ideal Home Show, these Antoinette Parquet Tiles are ideal for creating a high end luxurious feature floor in your home.

Though they’re made from porcelain, which makes them highly durable, they have a realistic wood effect design. The striking parquet design looks as though it has been lovingly crafted by a skilled carpenter. Parquet is a flooring style typical of period stately homes!



5) Scintilla Tiles


scintilla star pattern tiles in bathroom


These simply stunning Scintilla Tiles transform any surface they touch! They consist of a grid of entrancing star shaped designs, and have a wonderful vintage quality.

They’re not just limited to use on floor spaces – they can be used to breathe new life into your walls, too. In fact, they look amazing as a kitchen splashback. There’s no room that these tiles don’t work in – from the bathroom, through hallway, and every space inbetween!



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6) Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles


Reclaimed wood effect bathroom floor tiles


Walk around an interior design show and you’ll notice an abundance of reclaimed wood products! From flooring through to furniture. Re-purposing wood is a big trend, and it results in truly characterful pieces, that tell a story.

These Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles perfectly capture that variety of colours and textures. Though they’re made from porcelain, they have an uncanny likeness to real reclaimed wood, and your guests will be hard-pressed to tell the difference! They make for perfect bathroom floor tiles.



7) Soho Marble Effect Tiles


black and white checkered chessboard marble effect bathroom floor tiles


If you love the idea of welcoming a soothing and calming natural look into your home, but you also want to make a luxury statement, try combining the black and white designs from our Soho Marble Effect Tile collection to create a traditional-styled checkered look.

Alive with veining, they’re full of character, and will instantly bring the floor space to life. Best of all, they’re perfectly suitable for underfloor heating, so you can introduce this as an extra degree of luxury.



8) Daisy Bloom Tiles


blue vintage pattern bathroom floor tiles


One great (and simple) way of creating a big impact in an interior space is to create a statement floor, and nothing achieves this quite like patterned tiles.

Inspired by traditional encaustic tiles, these striking patterned Daisy Bloom Tiles are ideal for transforming any floor space throughout the home. With their floral design, they have a charming vintage appearance, which will work well in all areas; whether you’re aiming for a period decor scheme or a more modern look!



9) Nyans Wood Effect Tiles


blue wood effect tiles on bathroom floor


Wood effect tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours. These sleek and stylish Nyans Indigo Wood Effect Tiles have a tone not typical of wood.

Their rich blue colour is exactly what makes them an interesting feature piece, and perfect for creating a luxurious statement floor, which is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests as they step into the room! These plank shaped tiles can be used in all sorts of different layouts and patterns, but we think herringbone looks the best!



10) Arundel Pattern Tiles


arundel pattern tiles bathroom


With their cool and refreshing colour palette, these charming Arundel Tiles are ideal for introducing a patterned statement floor into your home.

An eye-catching web of inter-connecting circles in blue, grey and black hues, these striking floor tiles are inspired by traditional encaustic tiles, which were originally made from clay shapes pressed onto a concrete base. A more affordable option, these Arundel Tiles are made from ceramic. They have a matt finish, true of the period encaustic designs of yesteryear.



The last word on bathroom floor tiles

In summary, bathroom floor tiles offer a long-lasting, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean alternative to other flooring options.

Best of all, they cover an enormous variety of the latest home and garden trends: from encaustic-styled patterns through to lifelike wood and stone effect designs.

Order some full size sample tiles of your favourite floor designs. Samples come with fast free delivery!



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