This year, designer Louisa Charlotte and myself attended 100% Design at the London Olympia. We wanted to explore the latest interior design trends, to help bring you the hottest new looks for 2017 when it comes to decorating your home. If you missed the show this year, don't worry - we took lots of pictures as we walked around. Here's a summary of all the 2017 home and tile trends we spotted at the show...


grey moroccan concrete tiles


1) Teal

2016's hottest colour trend is just as hot moving into 2017. For best results, off-set it with warm browns or coppers, like on the custom-made fridge door below! The two colour temperatures work together in harmony. We've definitely spotted teal in our tile trends, too - they're flying off the shelves!

teal sofa with throw

teal triangle tiles

copper and teal fridge door


2) Rustic showbiz lighting

This is still every bit as popular moving into 2017. If you've ever wanted to see your name up in lights, now's your chance! Buy a few of these luminous letters, spell out anything you like, and add some warming, rustic charm to a dull wall space.

showbiz rustic lighting lights


3) Marble and gold

One stand that had everyone stopping and staring was this stunning bathroom set, lined with beautiful marble and golden trimming. Marble in undoubtedly a big surface trend for 2017, particularly in bathrooms where it helps to create that relaxing spa-like vibe.

marble bathroom tiles


4) Textured concrete surfaces

With the popular industrial trend, and the idea of inviting factory-esque elements into the home, concrete surfaces have really risen to become a major interior design trend. But now, it's becoming more about textured concrete designs; aerated surfaces, along with staggered multi-levelled shapes. Anything that breaks away from a smooth plain concrete surface.

'Not only does concrete appeal to our perpetual love of grey; the smooth, polished finish gives objects a sleek industrial edge and also taps in to the trend for exposed, raw materials.' - Michaela Colling, House to Home.


aerated concrete tiles

abstract concrete shape tiles

textured concrete tiles

concrete tiles lego

textured wall surface concrete


5) Encaustic Tiles

A big trend we noticed at the show is encaustic tiles. They're perfect for creating a high-end period look on a floor space. They're made from separate colours of clay being cut into patterns and shaped and fired onto a concrete base. You'll be noticing encaustic tiles much more frequently throughout 2017.

'These colorful looks have actually been around since medieval times and are coming back in a big way (pattern love forever!)' - Kate Thorn,


encaustic tiles monochrome

encaustic tiles


6) Tile Trends: Wooden Split Face Tiles

A few times walking around the show, we spotted wooden split face surfaces. If you're unfamiliar with this term, it's where pieces of reclaimed wood (from old buildings, boats, etc) are arranged together to create a staggered, multi-levelled surface which can be used to clad a wall space in your home.

tile trends 2017


7) Tropical Prints

Colourful and tropical and botanical prints will continue to be an interior design trend for 2017, so keep an eye out for wallpapers and soft furnishings with fern leafs and birds of paradise!

colourful tropical plants



So there are 7 trends for 2017 that we spotted around 100% Design! Will you be inviting any of them into your home?



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