We were flattered when we were approached by Sophie De Castro, the interior stylist in charge of decorating two of the Ideal Home Show houses for 2015. She'd seen our brochure, and was desperate to include some of our tiles in her designs. She short-listed a few exciting tile designs, and we sent them down to the Olympia, to be included in both the Gap House and the Future Proof House - two of the three main feature houses appearing at the show.


Because some of the tiles were from her collection, we sent our exclusive designer, Louisa Charlotte, to the show to take a look at the houses, and to explore the trends and accessories displayed throughout the show. Here are her findings, in her own words...


Louisa Charlotte on Ideal Home Show 2015

'From the Ideal Home Show 2015 in London, it was very obvious that the hottest interior trend of the year is geometrics. From flooring to wall coverings, cushions to throws, even unique pieces of furniture and art – the geometric presence is key.




For me, the houses in the show village were the highlight of the show and were perfectly designed for their audiences – my favourite was the Gap House – designed by Sophie De Castro. Being only 3 metres wide it was interesting to see the space saving interior design which had been applied. The placement of a ‘Smeg’ freezer under the stairs was brilliant.




Another highlight of the homes in the show village was the carefully selected colour palettes. The overall theme was to be fresh and bold but the colours all worked in harmony together, creating a calm atmosphere. My favourite was the copper/peach/white combination in the master bedroom of the future proof house, it was both charming and elegant! This was also replicated in the Ideal Home Magazine room sets with there ‘Copper & Clay’ colour scheme.










A Walk Around Ideal Home Show (In Pictures)

The Ideal Home Show us full of the latest interior design trends, with all the most stylish decorating options and accessories on show. It's the perfect place to go if you're thinking about giving your home a makeover in the near future. Let's take a look around 2015's show, and see what's trending in the world of interior design at the moment...




Pendant lights 

One thing that's immediately apparent in the abundance of interesting pendant lights - unique shades that hang from lengthy ceiling cords. They're perfect for bringing a trendy addition to any interior area and, if you've got a large open-plan area, they're great for helping to divide the space.








Floral prints 

A major trend we're noticing in interior design magazines, and throughout the show, is the heavy use of floral patterns, and botanic life dotted throughout a room setting. Here, it's used on the blinds, and there are even leaf prints framed on the wall.




Wooden accessories 

A major interior theme in 2015 is the idea of inviting natural materials and textures into an interior setting. The concept is that, by bringing natural materials into the home, we feel closer to nature, and are therefore more at ease - something we all strive for, when it comes to decorating our home. This has brought about the need for interesting wooden accessories - to splash a bit of wood grain into a room's textile palette.






Wood Effect Splashback 

As we mentioned in our Creative Splashbacks article, wood effect tiles make for an incredibly stylish kitchen splashback, and also help to enforce the prominent natural trend.





Tiered Shelves 

Flick through the latest interior design magazine, and you'll see dozens of tiered shelving units - shelves that start large at the bottom. and gradually slope backwards as they climb, shrinking in size layer by layer. They're a very trendy storage addition to any home, and are great for stashing things away. Laden the shelves with useful wicker baskets, and you'll be further stapling the natural theme into your home's décor scheme.




Log Pile 

Another thing you'll notice, as you move from room to room, is the frequency in which log piles appear. Stacks of dry chopped logs, bundled into empty fireplaces, or into ceiling-high recesses. They even pop up in rooms that lack a wood burner. Why? Because they're a workable neutral tone, and they fill bland, empty spaces with that all-important natural texture.





The Gap House 

Sophie De Castro, the interior stylish who designed the Gap House, requested that we send her some of our stunning bevelled Bond Street Metro Tiles for the bathroom area of her project. A rich Navy blue in colour, we think you'll agree that they look fantastic in place on the bathroom walls! We also provided some Vintage Wood Tiles from the Louisa Charlotte Collection!


blue metro tiles bathroom






The Future Proof House 

Another of the houses that appears in the Ideal Home Show Village is the Future Proof House. For this, we provided some striking Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles to go in the bathroom area. They're alive with a unique and interesting wood grain design, and help add that natural texture to the wall spaces.


hexagon wall tiles bathroom


hexagon tiles shower


The House Beautiful House

The third house in the Ideal Home Show Village was sponsored by interior design magazine House Beautiful. In the bathroom, Ritz Tiles were featured in an interesting vertical display. Both plain Ritz Tiles and Decor Tiles were used. The Decor Tiles have an eye-catching geometric design.


ritz tiles bathroom






ritz tiles window


So there you have it - some highlights from the show. We're one of the sponsors for the London Ideal Home Show in 2016, so you'll see lots of our exciting new ranges there!







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