Back to the Future – Film Friday Decor Scheme

Back to the future poster

Great Scott!

This week’s film Friday is in keeping with the theme of childhood classics, covering the 1985 classic Back to the Future, a time travel adventure which combines comedy and sci-fi. The film stars Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd Dr Emmett Brown. Marty is a typical 80′s teenager that is accidentally sent back in time to 1955 by a plutonium powered time machine in the shape of a DeLorean created by the Doctor. During this time he meets his parents and has to make sure they fall in love, so he can get back to the future and nothing is potentially altered. The decor scheme is inspired by the clock tower and diner which are important places in the film. I’ve also added some accessories that are inspired by the film, in a less subtle way but can be added to any room in the house.

Back to the future decor scheme

1.Back to the Future Print – 16×20″, £79.00, Amara.

2. Traditional Red Brick Slip Effect Tiles, £29.95/sqm, Walls and Floors.

3. Brick Shaped Metal Tiles, £15.95/sqm, Walls and Floors.

4. LEFF Amsterdam 24 Hour Brick Clock by Erwin Termaat, Silver, £229.00, John Lewis.

5. Chronological Fluctuation Capacitance Mechanism Wall Clock by Forge22_Design, £32.50, CafePress.

6. Wesco Pushboy Bin, 50L, Red, £99.99, John Lewis.

7. Back to the Future Cushion by avoidperil, From £13.51, RedBubble.

8. Gloss Chequer Black & White Large Tiles, £3.95/sheet, Walls and Floors.

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