#CountdownToChristmas 6 Weeks To Go: Bathroom Ideas

Christmas countdown bathroom ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. Only 6 weeks away, in fact. And with Christmas comes all the festive guests! Merry-making friends and family, bearing gifts and wine. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylish new home to show off, ready for when they arrive? That’s why we’ve put together our Countdown to Christmas! Each week, we’re going to tackle a different room in the house. We’ll show you how to make the most of the room, with fantastic decorating ideas that incorporate the latest trends and accessories. We’ll also show you some crafty DIY makes for the more creative folk amongst you; perfect for adding some hand-made charm into your home this Christmas. This week, we’re looking at the bathroom.

By getting your bathroom updated now, with a few weeks to spare befire Christmas, you avoidthat rush to get everything finished in time for the arrival of your guests. Because let’s face it – with present buying and meal planning – Christmas is stressful enough without having to rush to get a decorating project finished!

Get the celebrity look

If you’re a sucker for the stars, then why not model your bathroom on the restroom of one of the world’s biggest celebrities? We’ve taken a look through celebrity bathroom designs, and have chosen our ten favourites! We’ve put a couple below!

Will Ferrell, star of Elf and Anchorman, has used cool, soothing blues in his shower room, to help him relax and get his thoughts together. A blue mosaic mix covers the walls. The blend of colours helps to create a varied, eye-catching display.

Will Ferrell Bathrom mosaic Tiles

Cameron Diaz, from there’s Something About Mary, has gone for textured metallic tiles in her home. Bronzes and metallic effects are major interior design trends currently; particularly ones with a gruff, weather, oxidized appearance. To see more, visit our post: Top 10 Celebrity Bathrooms.

Cameron Diaz Metallic Tiles

Bathroom ideas for 2016

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, we want to choose looks that aren’t about to go out of date. We’ve taken a look through the bathroom decorating and accessory trends for 2016, to make sure you’re ahead of the game when you come to updating your home, in time for the festive period!

One trend we spotted is ‘Black and White’. Monochrome schemes have been in fashion for some time now, but in 2016, they’re set for a monumental peak! Think black feature walls against white painted schemes. Think checkerboard floors. Think black floral prints in white backing.

Black and White Bathroom Themese

To delve further into the Black and White trend, along with all 2016’s other bathroom trends, such as Geometric, Textured and Natural, visit our post: Bathroom Ideas 2016.

Create your own spa-styled bathroom

At the end of a long, hard, stressful day, the bathroom is the place where we strip off and relax in the tub, or under the warm embrace of the shower. It’s the place where we can soak, and cleanse, and wash away all the sweat and stress of the day. We can lock the door, shut off the outside world, light a few candles, and take some alone time, to help ourselves unwind and de-stress, before retiring to bed. Therefore, it’s important that the bathroom decorating scheme allows us to relax. We’ve put together 8 easy steps to creating your own spa-styled bathroom. Check it out!

spa styled bathroom

Show us your before and after pics!

We send out thousands of tiles every day, but we rarely get to see the finished results. That’s why we’re hosting our Before and After Competition! Send before and after pics of your completed tiling project to inspiration@wallsandfloors.co.uk and you could win an iPad Air 2, which will be delivered in time for Christmas! Entries close Sunday December 20th. Winner announced Monday December 21st.

Jenny was the winner of our last Before and After competition. She used a combination of metro tiles, black hexagons, and exposed copper piping to create an industrial theme in her bathroom (see below).

Customer project industrial bathroom

10 Looks for your Bathroom

Still not sure what look you want to go for? We’ve put together a gallery of 10 looks for your bathroom. Simply scroll through it, browse the different schemes, and see which one you like the most! We’ve tried to include a real mix – everything from striking monochrome Moroccan patterns and light, woody, spa-like schemes, through to bold floral themes and cosy stone-effect-clad layouts with roaring fires. Take a look: 10 Bathroom Looks – Image Gallery.

10 looks for your bathroom

4 Easy Bathroom Hacks

1) Got a plain, square bathroom mirror? Jazz it up by adding a mosaic tile border! Buy a couple of sheets of a mosaic tile you like the look of (iridescent designs are always a winning choice). For best results, choose a colour that ties in with your overall scheme. Cut them into strips, and glue then around the outside of your mirror using a glue gun! Voila – there you it – a stylish, refreshed mirror.

mosaic tile mirror

2) Buy a magnetic strip from a DIY store and stick it to the back of the bathroom cabinet door. Stick hair clips to it, to stop them from sitting all over the surfaces, creating clutter and eventually getting lost.

magnetic strip in bathroom for hairpins

3) Always losing your hairdryer, or constantly tripping over the cable? Buy a magazine rack and fix it to the back of your bathroom door. Slot your hairdryer into it, to keep it out of the way – then it will always be at hand when you step out of the bath or shower.

magazine rack hairdryer holder

4) Need some extra storage space, such as a shelf, but limited on wall space? There’s usually half a foot or so of space above the door, so why not add a shelf there? Perfect for small storage baskets, full of the nick-nacks you don’t need every day.

shelf above bathroom door

Fantastic bathroom makes

1) Candy Cane Soap

To help add some festive joy to your bathroom soap dish throughout the yuletide period, we’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial, showing you how to make your own candy cane soap! With pine-stripes of red and white, this gorgeous hand soap resembles that iconic Christmastime confection; the candy cane. It’s perfect for keeping for yourself, to help brighten up your bathroom throughout the festive period, but it’s also great for giving away as gifts! Cut it into slices, wrap it in cellophane and voila – a universal gift with lots of homemade charm. For the guide on how to make it, visit our post: How To Make Candy Cane Soap.

Candy cane soap

2) Bath bombs

We all love a good bath bomb. A compact little ball you drop into the tub, and it transforms the water into a frothing, fizzing, fragrant Jacuzzi; creating your own luxury spa for half an hour or so. You can buy them in most soap stores, but where’s the fun in that? For the #CountdownToChristmas, we’ve had a go at making our own. For a step by step guide to creating your own bath bombs, click here: How To Make Bath Bombs.

How to make bath bombs

Say it with Scrabble

Want to add some personality into your bathroom, before your festive guests start popping to the loo? Try using our Scrabble Tiles. Made from ceramic, they cover every letter in the alphabet, in the style of the popular family board game. And they come in two colourways; a fresh white, and a rich cream (the colour of actual Scrabble Tiles, from the game). Spell out anything you like, to help stamp some personality into the room. If you like relaxing in the tub after a hard day at the office, spell out ‘RELAX’. If you enjoy a bit of David Bowie, spell out ‘BOWIE’. The choices are endless. You can stand them on a shelf or in a recess. You can lay them down like coasters. You can include them in part of a wall tiling display. Or you can stick them to the bathroom door, to welcome your guests in. Browse our selection of Scrabble Tiles now.

relax scrabble tiles in bathroom

Scrabble Tiles bathroom wash



Will Ferrell Bathroom –  Pinterest

Cameron Diaz Bathroom – Pinterest

Magnetic strip – Pinterest

Magazine holder – Pinterest

Bathroom shelf – Pinterest

The rest – Walls and Floors


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