Click to Transform! 8 Customer Projects

Looking for some inspiration for your next decorating project? Here are some stunning customer transformations. Just click the image to see each transformation!


The hallway is usually the first space your guests will see as they step into your home, so be sure to make a good impression with your decor! Below, Vicki transformed her dull floors by introducing some striking patterned Kutlu Tiles.


If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or woodburner in your home – whether it’s in the living room or bedroom – make the most of it! A well-dressed wood burner or fireplace can act as the main focal point in a room.

James added a lively, textured backdrop to his fireplace by adding some Slate Split Face Tiles, which have a staggered, multi-levelled surface.


The bathroom is the area where we relax and unwind at the end of a long day, and it’s also a room our guests are likely to see, so it’s important to keep it looking fresh and stylish!

Below, Kelly created a striking feature wall in her bathroom using our patterned Contour Hexagon Tiles.

Living room

A place where we relax with the family, and a space where we also entertain our guests, it’s always a good idea to keep the living room up to date and in good nick.

Karen, who keeps pets, replaced her carpet with some realistic Oak Wood Effect Tiles. Carpet fibres trap muddy paw prints and malted fur. Tiles, however, simply wipe clean!

Lynne transformed her TV wall into a room-stealing feature by adding some textured Slate Split Face Tiles! The idea of injecting the natural look into an interior space has never been more popular, so the addition of natural stone tiles are a quick win!


Often called the social hub of the home, the kitchen is a multi-functional space where we cook, eat, and even socialise! Being such a busy space, it can easily become downtrodden, so make sure you update yours every now and then, to keep it fighting fit!

To complete her wonderful country farmhouse scheme, Caroline added our Rustic Metro 300×100 Tiles.


One fantastic way to revive a bedroom space is to add a stylish new feature wall! Graham did exactly this when he added a wall of Slate Split Face Tiles behind the headboard of his bed!


Lots of us don’t make the most of our garden spaces. But we absolutely should! It’s extra space that we have paid for, so we should utilise it! A well thought-out outdoor area can act as an additional room in the home! Sometimes all it needs to make the garden more enjoyable to sit in is a bit of TLC!

John added concrete boards to his fence panels, and then clad these in gorgeous Vesuvius Split Face Effect Tiles!

There you have it – 9 fab transformations from our customers! For more inspiring projects, click here: Customer Projects.

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