Alison has clad her bathroom walls in circular mosaic tiles! They add a unique and distinctive look, and they break away from traditional square mosaics. To help inject colour into the room, she's added a collection of house plants!


Circular mosaic tiles: breaking the mould

More than ever before, interior designers are getting excited by shapes that break away from the norm! Traditionally, mosaic tiles are square or rectangular. But now, there's a whole selection of interesting shapes to choose from; ideal for creating a modern, eye-catching look.

As well as hexagonal mosaic tiles, which allow for a captivating honeycomb design, there are circular mosaic tiles - like the ones Alice used to create this fab look on her bathroom walls. Sometimes known as 'penny mosaics,' they create a striking appearance, and add a textured look.


Adding plants into the bathroom

If your bathroom looks a little plain, one great way of filling it with colour and character is to introduce a plant or two! Because bathrooms are notoriously humid places, there's lots of moisture in the air to keep the plants healthy!


bathroom mosaic tiles


One main function of the bathroom is to help you relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day - whether that's by soaking in the tub, or by standing under a nice hot shower. Adding natural elements into the room is one sure-fire way of speeding up that relaxation, so plants are a very calming addition.

We love how Alice has used hangers to display her plants. This keeps the surfaces clear and ready for every day use!


Mosaic tiles: Easy to fit

Lots of people ask us how long it takes to fix mosaic tiles in place, and are spacers needed between each individual piece. Well, although mosaic tiles may look hard to install, they're really not. They actually come stuck in place on mesh sheets. Then it's simply a case of attaching these mesh sheets to the wall or floor, which isn't much trickier than installing a regular tile.

The mesh backing can easily be cut to size with scissors or a craft knife, so that means it's extremely easy to tile around fixtures and fittings, such as sockets, light switches or piping!



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Alison's Leafy Bathroom - Mosaic Tiles
Alison's Leafy Bathroom - Mosaic Tiles

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