Carl's kitchen was nothing to write home about - it had bland, ageing white floor tiles and beige cabinetry, and he'd grown tired of it. That's why he decided to give it an overhaul! He stripped out the old units, added a stylish dark work top, and swapped that dull flooring for some super-lifelike, gorgeous wood effect Barn Tiles! We think you'll agree - the transformation is amazing.


Why are wood effect tiles so popular?

Right now, interior designers can't get enough of wood effect tiles. But why is that, exactly? Well, the natural look - the idea of inviting natural themes into the home - has never been more popular. However, real wooden flooring has its flaws. Wood effect tiles - made from ceramic and porcelain - tackle these flaws head-on...

Firstly, if you're sourcing in hardwood flooring, it's very expensive. Wood effect tiles start from as little as £9.95 per Sqm.

Secondly, natural wooden flooring scratches very easily. It only takes a chair scraping across its surface to render it ruined. Wood effect tiles, on the other hand, are very robust!

Thirdly, real wood requires sanding and waxing every few months, so there's the cost and effort of that ongoing maintenance. Wood effect tiles are zero maintenance - you simply lay them, and they'll look fantastic for years to come!

Fourthly, even when treated, natural wood can still be porous - one spilt glass of red wine and you'll likely end up with an unsightly pink stain. With it's nooks and crannies, real wood is great for storing dirt and dust. Wood effect tiles wipe clean quickly and easily - removing any nasty allergens!


How to transform old units

If you're tired of the look of your old cupboard units, but you don't have the hundreds (or thousands) of pounds handy to invest in some shiny new ones, then you can simply update your existing ones! The easiest thing to do is give them a lick of paint, and swap over the handles for some stylish new ones. If you're left with any exposed holes when changing the handles over, don't worry - just pop in a big of wood filler!

Top tip: Chalk paint sticks well to any wooden surface and it gives a gorgeous vintage finish.

Carl's Rustic Wooden Floor - Barn Tiles
Carl's Rustic Wooden Floor - Barn Tiles