Customer Project By Emma Gillgrass

Emma Gilgrass transformed her cloakroom from a grotty little cubbyhole into a stylish, space-saving and on-trend cloakroom! Firstly, she replaced the toilet with a brand new one that has a wash basin built into the lid - killing two birds with one stone! Space-saving ideas like this are crucial when decorating small spaces, such as a cloakroom / water closet.

Then Emma built a shelf in above the toilet, and used bevelled white metro tiles to create a refeshing white backdrop. White surfaces help to make a small, windowless room seem larger and brighter.

Emma then added some on-trend colour with the introduction of copper accessories. Copper is a very popular metallic tone right now. Mirrors also help to make a small space seem larger, and they help to bounce light around the room.


Emma's Metro and Copper Cloakroom
Emma's Metro and Copper Cloakroom