Emmie desperately wanted to refresh her kitchen space. Everything about it was dated - from the overhead units to the 1970s polka-dot wall tiles. It was time for a stylish new look, and Emmie knew exactly what to do! She ripped down the overhead unit and added a vibrant splashback of brick shaped Green Crackle Smooth Metro Tiles.


The appeal of antique crackle

There's nothing impressive about smooth, plain surfaces. They're bland, lifeless and uninteresting. That's why textured surfaces are the new big trend! Adding a bit of texture instantly injects some character. One popular textured surface, when it comes to tiles at least, is a crackle glaze.

If you can't picture a crackle glaze, it's exactly what it sounds like - tiny cracks running all over the surface of the tile. This adds a vintage, antique feel to the tiles, which in turn will add the appearance of age and character to your bathroom or kitchen walls.


The return of the kitchen shelf

For a long time, overhead cupboards were the way to store all your kitchen goodies. This is because we all became obsessed with having a clean, minimalist look, where everything is hidden out of sight.

Now though, having things on show isn't considered clutter - it's just another way of having a characterful kitchen that looks like it's actually used. Emmie's kitchen shelves are loaded with cups and plates, which are easy to grab whilst still looking presentable!

Emmie's Green Splashback - Crackle Metro Tiles
Emmie's Green Splashback - Crackle Metro Tiles
Emmie's Green Splashback - Crackle Metro Tiles