The area behind the kitchen work surface is the perfect place to make a stylish statement. Some people opt for patterned tiles whilst other people opt for textured split face designs. Mark, though, went for shimmering mirror mosaic tiles, and we think they look fantastic!


The benefits of using mirror tiles in your home

Mirror tiles are fantastic in interior settings for several reasons. Firstly, and most widely known, mirrors help to make a room seem larger. That's because they show the room back to us - creating the illusion of extra depth. Secondly, mirror tiles help to make any room seem brighter, because they bounce around whatever light is available.


Return of the rustic wood worktop

Rustic woods are a huge trend right now. If you're renovating your kitchen and you want to swap out the old granite-effect worktop, but you're not sure what to replace it with, then go for a nice rustic wood work surface! As you can see from Mark's kitchen project above, a rustic worktop goes perfectly with so many different colours and finishes!

Mark's Reflective Kitchen Splashback - Mirror Mosaic Tiles
Mark's Reflective Kitchen Splashback - Mirror Mosaic Tiles

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