How To Make Your Own Tiled Tray #SchoolOfDIY

We’ve put together a step by step tutorial, showing you how to make a fantastic Tiled Tray! Perfect for brightening up any interior area. They even make for a charming home-made gift – ready for a birthday or Christmas.

You will need…

Serving tray (£7.99, Dunelm)
Mosaic tiles (from 99p per sheet, Walls and Floors)
Wood paint – a colour that matches your chosen mosaics (from £5.00, Wilco)
Paint brush
Tile grout (from £3.75, Walls and Floors)
Grout float (Walls and Floors)

Choose from almost 3,000 mosaics here:

How to make your own tiled tray…

Step One: Paint your tile tray (if the original colour of the tray doesn’t quite match your choice of mosaic tile). If the paint doesn’t seem to take, try using a smaller amount of paint and working it into the wood using a cross-hatching technique.

Painting the Tray

Step Two: Sit your mosaic sheet in the tray, and work out how many mosaic pieces will sit between the edges of the tray. This will tell you where you need to cut, if at all. Using scissors, cut through the mosaic mesh.

cutting mosaic tile sheet

Step Three: Using a glue gun, run lines of glue across the tray, and stick your mosaics in place. Remember – glue gun glue dries very fast, so it’s best to have somebody help you. Run a couple of lines of glue, then have your friend lower the mosaic sheet into them – a few rows at a time. Repeat until all your mosaics are glued in place. Pat your mosaics down into the glue, to ensure good adhesion.

Gluing mosaic tiles to tray

Step Four: Following the instructions on the bag, mix the powdered grout with water to create a grout paste. Using the grout float, spread this across the surface of mosaics; working the grout into all the tile joints, and around the sides. Wipe off the excess and leave the grout to dry. Once dry, buff off any residue.

Step Five: Enjoy your new tray!

mosaic tray

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