Interior Architecture & Design: Creating an Impact

Many people will be well versed with the term ‘interior design’ – however, for most, ‘architecture’ is an entirely different practice and more confined to the technical blueprint stages of your home’s design.

Architecture meets design

While architecture may have a strong connection to a building’s structure, the discipline certainly doesn’t stop when you move in doors. In fact, a large amount of architectural practice goes into floor plans and interior layouts in order to help home owners and designers make the most of their living space or project. And it’s only where these technical and creative disciplines merge do you find the most striking and impactful interiors.

So, whether you’re building a new home or making changes to your existing one, by keeping some key interior design and architecture disciplines in mind, you can guarantee remarkable results.

Create direction in your home

Create direction

The most striking interior spaces are built with a focal point in mind. Whether it’s a rustic kitchen table taking precedence in the heart of the home or a striking feature window framing the view outside, by using the architectural lines of the room to your advantage you can draw the eye to focus on its best features. You can replicate this look in your own home with these richly coloured Samanea wood effect tiles, perfect for emphasising the length of a room by creating lines across the space.

Build a theme

Uniformity or ‘flow’ can be used to tie a room, or a series of rooms, together into one cohesive space – creating the illusion of one large living area, as opposed to smaller disconnected spaces. Much like an architect designs hallways, doorways and landings to logically connect spaces, interior designers use elements like colour, texture and style to create a cohesive design. This can also be used to achieve the opposite effect – allowing you to keep work, rest and play areas in your home entirely separate. Use brightly coloured accessories such as picture frames, cushions and coasters to add a splash of colour and provide a colour palette for you to run throughout your house.

Build a theme

Make a statement

Nothing makes a statement like bold simplicity. This is often used in architectural design, with the simplest of designs being the most aesthetically appealing. Complex patterns or intricate finishes can confuse the eye and make a space appear cluttered. This same thinking can be applied to interior design, as simple and bold statement pieces of furniture can actually generate the illusion of more space – as long as you keep their surroundings clear. Furnishings such as bold sofas and sideboards make great statement pieces – and furnishings with storage allow you keep your room clutter free and enjoy the minimalist effect.

There you have it, three tips to merge the best of interior design and architecture – and apply it to your own home. So whether you’re wanting to give your tired interior a quick makeover or are ready for a full overhaul, you’re armed with all the inspiration you’ll need for planning your next home project.

Make a statement


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