Picture Perfect: 5 Interior Art Ideas for Your Home

Whether you’re a tenant or a home owner, your house should be unique to you – and when it comes to overhauling your interior, there is no tried and tested formula. From adding some personality to your property to shaking up small spaces, you can tailor your home to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re on the hunt for some design inspiration, we’ve got 5 interior art ideas guaranteed to get your creativity flowing and get you excited about transforming your tired interior design.

Paintings artwork on walls

1. Powerful paintings

The entrance to your home is your first chance to make an impression – and whether you have an extended hallway or a short passageway, a powerful painting can create an impactful interior space from the moment your guests arrive.

Moving through the house, studying a space before you begin adjusting your decor is a great way to get some perspective on what will look good in a particular room. While large paintings can accentuate a feature wall, a selection of smaller paintings are great for adding character – so choose an approach that works best for you.

2. Feature frames

Whether it’s a cleverly placed canvas or a feature portrait, photographs can breathe life back into your interior and help you create a home that’s unique to you and your family.

Personal photographic prints can be framed or mounted, depending on your tastes, and used to create some serious visual impact. Thanks to their versatility, photographs can become a focal point in any room of your house, filling your home with stylish keepsakes and precious memories.

3. Light it up

When it comes to interior design, don’t let lighting be an afterthought. A well-chosen lampshade can be the difference between a dull sitting room or an inviting space to welcome guests.

If you’re short on space, opt for floor lamps in place of table-top alternatives and use decorative ceiling shades as eye-catching accessories – helping you to save room wherever possible.

4. Mosaic tiles

If you’re looking to create a unique aesthetic in your home, mosaic tiles come in any number of designs – providing a bespoke look that will suit your style. Brighten up the dullest of rooms with some Magia mosaic wall tiles or ramp up your bathroom’s design with some smooth or curved Chequerboard tiles.

Whether it’s one wall or the whole room, with mosaic tiles jazzing up your interior, it won’t be long before you’re the envy of everyone you know.

Magia mosaic tiles

5. Centred sculptures

A strategically placed sculpture or ornament can add a touch of culture to your home, as well as providing an intriguing talking point when people visit. Whether you’re a fan of modern design or prefer trawling antique shops for vintage pieces, your choice of art will open up a whole new world of creative design.
From cast-iron statues and hand-crafted figurines to wooden ornaments and plaster pieces, sculptures create strong centrepieces which can influence the rest of a room’s design.

Armed with these innovative art ideas, you can make your way from room to room and get creative with your approach to interior design.



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