Trend Watch: Botanical Beauty

Welcome to another edition of Trend Watch! Each month, I flick through the latest interior design magazines, and scroll through the most trustworthy design blogs, and I pick out a trend to write about – to help you invite it into your home. This month, the big trend is ‘botanicals’. Now, this trend was around a little while ago – the ideal of bright, ferny prints. But now, it’s back, and in epic fashion!

Exotic, eye-catching, tropical prints provide the backbone of this trend. It’s all about creating a wild ‘jungle’ look; alive with pattern and texture; perfect for injecting some fresh vibrancy into your interiors, ahead of Spring and Summer. But it’s not all heavy fern imagery and palm trees. To add some fun into the equation, the trend allows for bright pops of colour and funky retro accessories, too! Bright pink flamingos and golden pineapples, for instance…

Trend watch botanicals

1) Ceramic Cacti Vases. £19.95, Rigby and Mac. 2) Sacramento Small Faux Cactus. £47.50, Abigail Ahern. 3) Charles Eames Style Lilac DSW Chair. £59.00, Cult Furniture. 4) Gilded Gold Pineapple. £30.00, House Junkie. 5) Oriel 1.5 Seater Teal Armchair. £1791.00, Rume. 6) Jangala Velvet Cushion. Leafy gardens print. £30, 7) Standing Flamingo Ornament. £71.40, DZD. 8) Boysenberry Decor Tile. £5.95, Walls and Floors. 9) Zara Arabesque Inset Tiles. £33.45, Walls and Floors.

Take a leaf out of Bourne and Hollingsworth’s book…

Take a leaf out of their book. A leaf. Get it?

Bourne and Hollingsworth have recently opened a new venue – the B and H Kitchen (launching Feb 2016) – where you can undertake a culinary course and learn some new cooking skills! However, it’s the decor scheme that catches my eye. Fern-filled hanging planters fill the overhead space, a palm tree stands in the corner, vines creep up the beams, and the botanical prints on the chairs provide perfect contrast to the plain-white table tops! A wonderful example of the botanical trend done correctly.

B and H kitchen botanical trend

Create the perfect backdrop

So you’ve got your shopping list for botanical accessories. You know what’s going in the foreground. Now it’s time to look at introducing a natural-esque backdrop that would comfortably cater for the botanical scheme. Here are 5 tile suggestions…

A) Country Farmhouse Slate Tiles

Made from natural slate, these Country Farmhouse Slate Tiles come in a variety of different colours, and the surface texture varies from tile to tile. The result? A beautifully varied floor display that will really make those colourful botanical accessories pop!

Country farmhouse slate tiles

B) Eden Tiles 

When it comes to tiling a wall space, you want something a little more involved! These Boysenberry Decor Tiles are part of our Eden Tile range, which sits under the Louisa Charlotte Collection – a selection of designer tiles, completely exclusive to Walls and Floors. They consist of a purple vine design against a glistening, glittery, iridescent linear backdrop! Use them to create a feature wall, which will act as the background to your powerful botanical display.

Eden tiles floral trend

C) Amazonias Wood Effect Tiles

Want to add a natural look to your walls, with a bit of texture to help keep your backdrop from looking plain and uninteresting? No problem. Our Amazonias Wildwood Tiles are alive with a realistic wood effect design; and the anti slip versions have a grooved, ridged surface; perfect for injecting some texture into the equation. Any faux fern tree or pink flamingo would be proud to stand against a wall clad in these!

Amazonias wildwood tiles

D) Zara Arabesque Tiles

For a colourful, room-stealing, over the top (which the botanical trend calls for) look, use our Zara Arabesque Tiles to create your backdrop. They are part of our colourful selection of Moroccan Arabesque Tiles, and are certainly guaranteed to add some charm and character into an interior scheme!

Arabesque Zara Decor Floral Tiles

Get a little green-fingered

It’s all well and good filling your room with zero-maintenance faux foliage – but where’s the skill in that? Buy yourself one of these uber-trendy Roar and Rabbit Angled Wood Terrariums. Fill it with earth and pebbles. Head down to your local garden centre, and buy a mish-mash of miniature cacti and indoor plants. Fill your terrarium, and sit it on a windowsill, or have it as a botanical centrepiece for your dining table or coffee table.

Plant terrarium for botanical trend

I hope this edition of Trend Watch has inspired you to invite the botanical trend into your home! If you’re creating a tropical, floral scheme in your interiors, let us know on Facebook or twitter!





Top image – Checkerboard floor with sofa and spider plants – Pinterest

Product images – listed individually

B and H kitchen image –

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