Every month, I release a 'Trend Watch' post to help you keep up to date with the latest interior design trends! This month, I'll be looking at marble - a type of natural stone riddled with eye-catching veining; perfect for adding definition and style to any bland wall or floor space. Marble has been used in interior decorating since the Roman times - when the architects would line whole palaces with it; polished to perfection. They'd carve colossal marble pillars and awe-inspiring sculptures - many of which stand to this day in timeless beauty.


Marble allows you to bring a lavish, exclusive, regal feel into your own home. It has been used in palace decor throughout the ages. This is the Queluz National Palace in Lisbon, Portugal - built in the 1700s:




Create a stylish contrast

With black and white being two of its primary colours, marble is great for achieving a monochrome theme in a kitchen, bathroom or living area. Whether you're piecing together a captivating checkered design, or having opposing blocks of colour. Each tile carries its own contrasting story; with white/light grey veins and patterns appearing on black tiles, and black/light grey patterning appearing on white tiles.


This is a great example of how you can create a chessboard design in a lounge or living room. Here, our marble effect Otono Tiles have been used:




The real deal - natural marble

There's nothing quite like having the real thing, is there? Even if it means you have to pay that extra bit more, and do a bit of extra work. Because both these factors are true, when it comes to dealing with natural marble. It costs a touch extra - but you're getting a premium, of-the-earth product. It's harder to cut to size than a ceramic or porcelain alternative, because it's thicker, and made of tougher stuff. And then you need to seal it - because natural products are porous, and absorb what is given to them. You wouldn't want them to absorb a half-glass of red wine now, would you?


All of this amounts to extra expense, and a bit of elbow grease. But still, you're getting the real thing - the real deal. The same stunning effect that Roman emperors and members of royalty have enjoyed throughout the centuries.


Cappuccino natural marble tiles


A realistic alternative - marble effect

If you'd rather take the easy, cheaper route, and aren't fussed about the real thing - you just want to achieve the look - then we've got the perfect selection of marble effect tiles for you! They're a fraction of the cost, they're easier to cut, easier to install, and they don't require all the treatment and maintenance that natural marble requires. Here, our Veneto Marble Effect Tiles have been used as bathroom floor tiles.


Celebrity appeal

The gorgeous appeal of natural marble has not gone unnoticed by the A-listers of Hollywood. This is the kitchen of Iron Man and Shakespeare In Love actress Gywneth Paltrow. She's installed a grand marble worktop, with marble tiles dominating the walls and floors. The veining adds real character and charm to the kitchen.




What do you think to marble? Would you have it in your home? Which would you go for - natural, or a realistic alternative?



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