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Bijou Mosaic Tiles

Bijou Mosaic Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Mosaic tiles have been a trusted and stylish way of updating wall and floor spaces for thousands of years. The first mosaics date back to ancient Egypt, where deities were impressed onto the walls of tombs. In the times of the Roman Empire, mosaics were used in a more decorative way, to line the walls and floors of their famous baths and spas. Now, mosaic tiles offer this same panache, when it comes to decorating different spaces throughout the home. However, it’s hard to find high quality mosaic tiles, in all the latest must-have shapes and designs, at affordable prices. That’s where our selection of Bijou Mosaic Tiles comes in handy… 

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

If you’ve taken a walk around an interior design show in the last few months, or if you’re a regular readers of homes magazines, you’ll notice one thing time and time again; the prominence of the hexagon. Hexagonal shapes are dominating interior design; in the design of furniture; in honeycomb patterns on cushions, throws and curtains; even in the accessories we dot around our various rooms. To help you inject this trend into your wall and floor spaces this season, we’ve released a range of Bijou hexagonal mosaic tiles. These striking honeycomb designs are available in both black and white, and in matt and gloss finishes. 

They certainly provide a more interesting way of tiling the wall or floor of a bathroom, wet room, or even the kitchen; a welcome break from traditional square tiles. They make for an excellent kitchen splashback. If you’re uncertain what a kitchen splashback is, it’s a surface that stands behind your kitchen cooker or sink, to catch any stray specks of pan fat or water. 

Square vs brick mosaic tiles

For a traditional mosaic look, when it comes to refreshing the wall of your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll probably want to opt for a square design. In the Bijou Square Mosaic Tiles selection, we have various square pieces; in both large and small formats, with gloss and matt finishes. There’s even different colours to choose from – not just whites and blacks, but also an eye-catching grey mix! And another thing? There’s even an alternative layout option, where the rows overlap in a brick-bond design. Here at Walls and Floors, we love to find new ways to stray away from the norm; just to give you a look in your home that is slightly more unique, and tailored to your personality. 

Talking about creating a more unique look, another major trend we’ve noticed in the world of mosaic tiling, is the abundance of brick mosaic tiles; tiny rectangular pieces, in linear and brick-bond designs. Think of them as micro metro tiles. They’re a fantastic way of creating a contemporary look in a bathroom or kitchen tile display. 

Why buy Bijou Mosaic Tiles from Walls and Floors? 

It’s hard to find a selection of mosaic tiles that is on-trend, high quality and affordable; but with their Bijou collection, Walls and Floors have managed to master all three. Take advantage of their fantastic sample service, whereby you can have the mosaics delivered directly to your door, to inspect their quality, and to see how they look in place on your wall or floor! 

Walls and Floors also have a resident tiling expert, should you have any technical or styling queries at any point throughout your project.