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Black & White Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you keep up to date with the latest interior design trends, you’ll notice that monochrome has made a big comeback. If you’re unsure what monochrome is, it literally means ‘black and white’; thus a monochrome interior scheme would consist of black and white walls, floors and accessories. That’s where our selection of black and white tiles comes in handy. 

Classic checkerboard 

Step into a Victorian home, and you’ll probably find the odd checkerboard floor or tow; black and white squares arranged in an alternating chessboard style. It’s a classic period look, and it’s typical of the era. Therefore, if you want to add some olde-English Downton charm into your home, a checkerboard floor is one of the simplest routes to take; and black and white tiles are essential for achieving this look. The Victorian checkerboard look is making its comeback in one of the latest retro styles; so it actually makes for a contemporary, on-trend approach in a hallway, bathroom or kitchen. Alternatively, if you’re restoring an original period checkerboard floor space, our black and white tiles are perfect for this, too! 

Add texture 

When it comes to tiling a wall or floor space, smooth tiles are great as a starting point – but a room consisting wholly of bare, smooth wall and floor surfaces may seem as if it’s missing something. And what might it be missing? Texture! 

Textured surfaces add interest and character into an otherwise smooth and characterless space. They help to break up a wall or floor surface visually, as you scan the room with your eyes. Thankfully, here at Walls and Floors, we have a great deal of textured black and white tiles, to fit in with a trendy monochrome scheme. 

Wood effect tiles make a great base in any room you might come to decorate. And, with advancements in tile production, wood effect tiles are becoming more and more realistic; they are alive, in fact, with textured grooves and raised knots. And, if you’re building a black and white scheme in your home, you’ll be happy to learn that we have monochrome wood effects. You’ll find white-washed wood effects in our selection of Vintage Wood Plank Tiles, and a Black Wood Effect Tile in our Saloon collection. Ideal for creating a textured black and white base in your home. 

Turning the focus to walls, our range of Talasni Tiles offers captivating, eye-catching undulating designs with raised, 3D, wave-like patterns surging their way from one side of the tile to the other. Ideal for adding the illusion of motion to a wall space – making it more interesting to look at. 

Luxury look 

When building a monochrome scheme in an interior area, our range of black and white tiles offers the option to go for a more expensive, exclusive, luxury look in your home. For one thing, we have a fantastic selection of marble effect tiles. Marble (a gorgeous blend of black veining on a refreshing white background, or vice versa), is synonymous with elegant, lavish, voguish interior schemes. When you see marble, you instantly think ‘regal’. Our collection of marble effect tiles – all perfectly realistic in design – allows you create this ritzy look without a) breaking the bank and b) troubling yourself with sealing, treatment and maintenance (which natural stone requires). 

Also in our offering of black and white tiles, you’ll find our polished porcelain tiles. Incredibly durable, they are perfect for transforming a floor area in any kitchen, bathroom, lounge or hallway, and offer a stylish, timeless look. Their polished finish not only catches the eye, but it also bounces light around the room; making it appear brighter. 

Shape up your home 

Bored of traditional square tiles? Don’t worry. Browsing through our selection of black and white tiles, you’ll spot plenty of interesting shapes, to help you break the mould. For one thing, we have a fantastic offering of hexagon tiles. Hexagonal accessories are another key interior design trend – so invite monochrome hexagons into your home, and you’re ticking off two of the year’s major themes. For stylish black and white hexagons, check out our Aspect, Elation and Rokkakkei Hexagon Tile ranges. There’s a great mix of smooth and textured options. 

It doesn’t stop at hexagons, either. We also have some penny-shaped circular mosaic tiles, to help you add interest to your tiling project. Made from porcelain, our Circular White Matt Mosaic Tiles can be used on both walls and floors; allowing you to transform a room from top to bottom. 

Why buy black and white tiles from Walls and Floors? 

So there you have it – a brief run-through of our extensive selection of monochrome tiling designs. If you’re unsure what any of the tiles look like, the best option would be to take full advantage of our sample service. You can order a full size sample tile at a discounted cost, or a free cut sample tile. All samples come with Free Delivery. 

If you’re tackling your first tiling project, you might find our How To Tile videos useful. If you have a query about your tiling project, send it across to our Tile Guru – the resident tiling expert here at Walls and Floors.