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House Favourites Ideas from Walls and Floors

To help you create a luxurious new look in your home this season, we've put together this collection of House Favourites - showcasing four of our most stylish ranges. From sleek monochrome floor tiles and glistening Quartz options, through to eye-catching bevelled brick-shaped wall tiles and soft stone effects, the House Favourites selection offers style titans guaranteed to help breing your home back to life. 

Black and White Polished Porcelain Tiles 

Add a ritzy, glimmering finish to the floor areas throughout your home with our selection of black and white polished porcelain tiles. Made from durable porcelain, they can be used in any room throughout the house - even in areas with lots of foot traffic, such as in the hallway of a family of eight. Available in two shades - black and white, you can choose from square or rectangular options; allowing you to piece together a contrasting monochrome display. You can choose white or black, or you can combine both to create a checkerboard effect. Their polished surfaces will add an eye-catching gleam to your floor areas. 

Retro Metro Tiles 

When it comes to decorating a bathroom or kitchen wall area, brick shaped tiles are an incredibly stylish option; particular Metro Tiles, which have a definitive bevelled edge; making each tile profound, and adding a characterful appearance to your wall spaces. Our Retro Metro Tiles are made from high quality ceramic and come in a variety of colours; all with a shimmering gloss finish. For a fresh new look in your room, a white tile is a good place to start. White has connotations of being new and fresh, and making wall and floor areas white helps to create the illusion of space. Try the White Retro Metro Tile. It has a glistening gloss skin; guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests. Metro tiles are great for creating stylish splashbacks in a kitchen. For those of you who don't know, a splashback is an easily wipeable surface that is installed behind a hob or sink. It's function? To catch any loose droplets of water or stray specks of fan pat. Rather than sinking into a bare wall, they sit on the tiled surface - which you can then wipe clean! 

Quartz Tiles 

To add some glitz and glamour to an interior area, look no further than the Quartz Tile collection. Fragments of quartz under sturdy resin, these tiles have flecks of reflective mirror trapped under their surface; creating a glistening, glittery effect that will make any wall or floor area sparkle. The Quartz range offers a variety of different colours to tailor for every taste. There are several size options to choose from, too - a large square, a quarter-sized square, a rectangle, and a decorative mosaic option. Choose from black, white, red, blue, plum, grey and beige. Featured in some of the swankiest hotels in the world, Quartz Tiles are guaranteed to add a luxury, ritzy appearance into your interiors this season. 

Lounge Tiles

Another major interior design trend is the introduction of natural materials into the home. That's why you'll see an abundance of raw-looking rustic wooden furnishings when walking around the latest home design shows; along with stacked logpiles (even in rooms where a fireplace / burner is absent). The point of interesting natural surfaces and textures into our homes? To help us feel closer to nature - and, thus - to help us feel more relaxed and at ease when lounging around the house at the end of a stressful day. Stone effect tiles act as a perfect medium when it comes to creating a natural looking background in an interior area. Our collection of Lounge Tiles, available in a variety of shades and finishes, consists of realistic stone effect designs, and can be used on both walls and floors. 


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