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Kitchen Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

We Brits spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether we’re fixing up a quick bacon sarnie on a Sunday morning, or slaving away perfecting the latest recipe from our favourite TV chef! Maybe our friends have come round for a chin-wag and we’re sitting at the breakfast bar with a coffee. It’s safe to say, we soon clock up the hours standing around in our kitchen. That’s why it’s crucial that it looks fantastic!

The miracle of splashbacks

Glass splashback tiles and upstands are widely regarded as the easy way to transform a kitchen. You stand them behind a sink, or more commonly the hob and they catch any stray specks of pan fat. Whereas the dirt would soak right into wallpaper, it will wipe straight off a splashback.

As well as practicality, they also make a bold statement about personality! You can stamp your own identity into your kitchen, judging by what colour you go for. If you’re feisty and fiery, you might opt for lipstick Red or vibrant Green splashback. Alternatively, if you’re mellow and laid-back, you might prefer a White splashback or Cream gloss kitchen tiles.

Add some metro magic

Metro tiles bring a striking and contemporary look to the home. They mostly have a gloss finish, which gives a real gleam to your kitchen! They look fantastic between the work surface and the overhead cupboards, and they make the space seem a lot bigger! They’re available in two different size formats; so you can either go for a spacious approach or a crisp and compact look.

There’s a whole spectrum of colours to choose from. Whether you’re after a soft and subtle colour palette or something a little more vibrant the range will cater for you perfectly!

Why not go for something a little different? Inspired by Laura Ashley’s Artisan range, our rustic metro tiles have an aged, bumpy surface. They will bring real charm and character to your walls.

Chic and stylish designs

There’s a world of modernistic tile designs to choose from when decorating your home. Split face tiles tend to look good in the kitchen. Made from slate, they have a textured, multi-layered surface where the individual strips are cut to different widths.

They really bring your walls to life!

Mosaic tiles are an extremely trendy option, too. There are so many types to choose from. Whether you want natural stone, ceramic or glass – with finishes ranging from gloss and matt through to enchanting iridescent – we have the perfect mosaic for you. The eye-catching Nebulae range is part of the Louisa Charlotte Collection, so they’re guaranteed to bring some style to your home. Their riven, textured surfaces will really impress your guests.

2015 is all about getting the natural look! So why not add our slate effect Kuala tiles to your kitchen floors? They’re really durable and give a luxury feel to your home. Unlike natural slate, they don’t require all the special treatment and maintenance, and they’re a lot cheaper too! They’re a really good choice when it comes to choosing your kitchen floor tiles.