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Linear Tiles

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Linear Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

There’s nothing impressive about a plain, smooth wall space. To capture the interest of your visitors, a wall space needs to have something notable about it; something to catch the eye-a focal point! That’s where linear tiles come in useful. Walls and Floors have a huge selection of linear tiles to choose from – from simple, smooth-faced tiles with a linear strip design, through to more characterful textured options. 
Create a feature wall with linear tiles 
When it comes to tiling a kitchen or bathroom, it’s the easiest thing in the world to choose some smooth, plain-coloured tiles for the wall areas, and to leave it at that. But walls consisting of nothing but smooth plain tiles are less than inspiring. There’s a phrase that comes to mind- “a magnolia life” This refers to the “safe” decorating choice of no decorating choice! That’s why a focal point is demanded. It can be as simple as a decorative strip of tiles with a little more character, running vertically down the wall, with plain tiles on either side of it. Failing that, a simple border running through the centre of the plain tiles – anything to help inject that extra bit of pattern and interest. 
Linear tiles are perfect for adding character to a plain wall space, and that come in several different designs. From simple parallel lined designs such as the Brighton collection by BCT British Ceramic Tile, which are perfect for introducing colour blocks into a kitchen or bathroom, through to wood grain effect designs that are ideal for injecting the sought after natural look, such as the Oseir Willow Tiles range. 
The Brighton collection also offers border linear tiles; brick-shaped pieces with a colourful linear design, which are ideal for tying a room together around the midriff. They instantly add colour, distinction and definition to any wall area throughout your home.
Split face linear tiles 
Smooth, plain ceramic linear tiles help to create a patterned look in a kitchen, bathroom or living area. However, the modern trend is to go for a more textured look. That’s where split face linear tiles come into their own. If you haven’t heard of split face tiles, you’ve most probably seen them around. You’ll find them cladding the walls and bars of the swankiest bars, restaurants and hotels in town. 
Split face linear tiles are made from natural slate, so they’re great for welcoming the natural outdoor look into an interior area. They consist of lengths of slate that have been cut to different heights, widths and thicknesses, and have been arranged and fixed together to create a staggered, multi-levelled surface.