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Metal Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

There’s no denying it – metallic surfaces look cool. There’s something suave and voguish about a shimmering silver accessory or wall area. So whether you’re decorating your kitchen, bathroom, or en suite, you should definitely consider adding a metallic accessory or two. When it comes to injecting some metallic charm onto a wall area, metal tiles are the way to go, and we have a fantastic selection to choose from. 

Mosaic magic 

Metal mosaic tiles are incredibly stylish. They add a sophisticated, James Bond-esque look to whichever surface they’re introduced to. And, with their eye-catching sheen, they inject a bit of character, too; they hold some life of their own – gleaming when the light catches them, and glowing warmly when the late-night ambient lighting is in full effect. So what are you waiting for? Bring some metallic mosaic tiles into your home this season, and wow your guests. 

Create a metallic splashback 

Ever heard of a kitchen splashback? If not, allow us to introduce you to the concept. A splashback, or a backsplash, is essentially an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind a kitchen sink or cooker. It’s function? To prevent any droplets of water or specks of pan fat from hitting a bare painted or wallpapered wall. Instead, they land on the splashback, and you simply wipe them away! 

Splashbacks tend to be fairly large – often filling the entire space between a kitchen work top and the underbelly of the overhead cupboards. When you or your guests step into the kitchen, the splashback will almost certainly be the first thing they see – so it’s a great place to show off your style, and a great place to inject the suave metallic look mentioned above. Create a metal tile splashback in your home! 

Make your room brighter 

Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or metal tiles, help to make a room look brighter. They achieve this by bouncing light around the room. Adding metal tiles to a wall space, and angling a ceiling light or floor lamp towards them, is a great way of making a dingy, dimly-lit room seem that little bit brighter. 

Mixed materials 

Here at Walls and Floors, as you might be able to tell by browsing through our selection of mosaic tiles, we love mixed materials. In our opinion, nothing looks better than two different materials (particularly with different textures and finishes) side by side in a mosaic format. And none look better than those that include metal pieces! 

A favourite ‘mixed material’ product comes in the form of our Paragon Mosaic Tiles. These contain mosaic pieces of different sizes, arranged in an eye-catching layout. Some of the pieces are metal, with a soft sheen. Some of the pieces consist of a crinkled leaf backing, trapped behind a face of glass. 

Why buy metal tiles from Walls and Floors? 

Not sure which metal tile you most like the look of? Order a sample of each, so that you can compare them in the flesh. You can get full size samples at a discounted price, with Free Delivery nationwide. Just to make those difficult choices that little bit less difficult! 

If you’re undertaking the tiling by yourself, and it’s your first attempt at tiling and you’d like a spot of advice, fire your queries across to Paul Collins! Coined the ‘Tile Guru,’ he’s our resident tiling expert, and is always happy to answer any technical questions you might have. Alternatively, if you just need some pointers on how to tile a wall or floor, take a look at our How To Tile Videos.