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Natural Quartz Tiles

Natural Quartz Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

You work hard for your home. When you arrive back at your house or apartment after a long and stressful day, you deserve to be faced with something eye-catching and stylish; you certainly don’t want to come home to plain, drab, lifeless walls and floors. Nobody deserves that! Our mission, here at Walls and Floors, to bring you the most beautifully interesting designs that we can find, from every corner of the globe.

One such ‘beautifully interesting design’ comes in the form of our natural quartz tiles. They are unlike anything else in our range, and once you see them glisten and sparkle in real life, in front of you, in physical form, you will want them in your home. That’s a promise. 

Natural quartz tiles: Star quality 

So what are natural quartz tiles? What are they made of? What do they look like? Well, they’re predominantly made from glistening pieces of quartzite, which glitter under the light. They’re trapped beneath a tough resin surface, and along with them are flecks of mirror. These mirror pieces’ sparkle and gleam as you walk around the room; catching the eye of you and your guests. In summary, natural quartz tiles are incredibly glittery, and they sparkle like stars in a night sky, so they are perfect for bringing any wall or floor space to life. You can use them in any room throughout the house; they will look great in a kitchen, bathroom, living area or hallway. You can even use them in multiple rooms to create one continuous, free-flowing floor space that links all the rooms on one storey of your home together. 

Our collection of natural quartz tiles come in a plethora of different sizes, shapes and colours, and they’re perfect for injecting a high end look into an interior space. In fact, they’re used in some of the trendiest hotels and restaurants the UK has to offer. 

Natural quartz tiles: Mosaic 

If you’ve already chosen the flooring for your decorating project, and you need a wall covering instead, fear not; our collection of natural quartz tiles contains a decorating mosaic option; perfect for creating a feature wall in a bathroom or living area. Alternatively, you can use them to create a kitchen splashback behind a sink or cooker. 

A splashback or backsplash, if you haven’t heard of one, is essentially an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind a hob or sink. Its function is to catch any pan fat or loose specks of water, to prevent them from sinking into wallpaper or plaster. Once the splashback has caught these stray freckles of moisture, you can simply wipe it clean.