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Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

One of the major interior design trends this year is the idea of inviting the outdoors in, and embracing the beauty of nature in our homes. That’s why you’ll see an abundance of stone and wooden accessories at home shows and in interior magazines. To help you invite some gorgeous natural stone into your home this season, we have a fabulous selection of stone tiles to choose from; including a stylish helping of versatile natural stone mosaic tiles. 

Natural stone mosaic tiles: A soothing selection 

So what is the appeal of inviting natural stones into the home? It’s something Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive designer here at Walls and Floors, calls ‘Nature’s prescription’. It’s the idea that, by welcoming these natural elements into our homes, we allow ourselves to feel closer to nature – and thus, more at ease. It offers a welcome escape from the digital existence of modern life. That’s why natural stone mosaic tiles are such a perfect addition to a bathroom or living area; settings where, after a long and hard day at work, you want to kick back and relax. So by creating a naturalistic surrounding, you’ll enhance your chill-out zone. 

Create a kitchen splashback using stone mosaic tiles 

If your kitchen décor is starting to look a little dated, then it might be time for an update! The simplest way of transforming the look of a kitchen area? Introduce a stylish new splashback. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘splashback,’ it’s really a very simple concept. You take a wipeable surface, and you stand it behind your kitchen sink or the cooking hobs. Why? To protect your walls from any stray flecks of water or pan fat. A splashback that uses stone mosaic tiles is a fantastic way of injecting a natural look into a kitchen. 

The versatility of stone mosaic tiles 

If you’re tiling a tight, awkward space, or if you’re working around lots of fixtures and fittings such as plug sockets or light switches, then mosaics offer a versatile solution. Stone mosaic tiles come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing. This makes it incredibly easy to cut to shape and size; simply slice through the mesh netting with a craft knife or a pair of scissors. If you want to create a plug socket-shaped rectangle in your mosaic sheet, simply cut it out! No need to concern yourself with awkward, tactical cuts with an electric tile cutter. Mosaics are the easy option for any wall or floor project!