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Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Walk around any interior design show and you’ll spot the same thing time and time again – natural stone. It’s used in wall and floor coverings, as well in furniture and accessories. It’s a huge design trend. In fact, the idea of welcoming natural stone into your home is a becoming a craze. That’s why you’re going to want to explore our fab selection of natural stone tiles. 

The natural trend 

So why is the idea of welcoming natural surfaces, textures and materials into an interior area such a big trend? We asked this question to our exclusive designer, Louisa Charlotte, who has some stone effect designs in her collection here at Walls and Floors. It comes down to something she calls ‘Nature’s Prescription,’ which is the idea that, by welcoming natural objects into our homes, we allow ourselves to get closer to nature and, thus feel more wholesome and more at ease (which is precisely how we want to feel in our homes). Adding natural stone tiles into a bathroom, for example, will amplify its relaxing qualities, and will help us to unwind whilst soaking in the tub. The ambience of natural stone will fire our imagination and whisk us away to a peaceful landscape. 

Creating a stylish bathroom using natural stone tiles 

The bathroom is certainly the place where we could all most benefit from ‘Nature’s prescription,’ because it’s the place where we all like to soak and relax at the end of a stressful day at the office; so any attempt to amplify this is a very welcome one! So which stones work well in a bathroom space? 

Ferrara Travertine Tiles have forever been one of the most popular natural stone tiles, when it comes to transforming a bathroom into a stylish, blissful sanctuary. There’s something about their light, refreshing tone and subtle silky sheen that makes them just perfect for use in a wet room, bathroom or en suite (provided they’re sealed). To help break up a wall of travertine, inject a border of Chocolate Mosaic Tiles. 

Split face natural stone tiles 

Another popular trend is texture; plain wall spaces are a thing of the past. Now, it’s all above creating staggered, gruff and riven displays that are alive with texture. That’s why split face tiles are the new must-have natural stone tiles. Not heard of them? They essentially consist of strips of natural slate that have been cut to different heights, widths and thicknesses, and are arranged to create a multi-levelled surface. You’ll find them in all the swankiest, trendiest bars, restaurants and hotels.