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Natural Travertine Tiles

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Natural Travertine Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you’re planning an interior makeover this season, and you want to introduce that charming natural look into your home, then consider choosing natural travertine tiles. Travertine is a type of limestone that is deposited by mineral springs; resulting in a subtle mottled look that is guaranteed to add definition to your wall and floor spaces. Let us introduce you to the stylish possibilities that travertine tiles present… 
Choosing the natural look 
If you’re a reader of interior styling magazines such as Good Homes, then, flicking through the pages, you’ll see the same theme time and time again: natural - stone walls and floors, and raw rustic wooden accessories. 
Why do we love to invite the natural look into our homes? It’s an infliction? our exclusive designer, Louisa Charlotte, calls ‘Nature’s prescription.’ It’s the concept of adding natural textures into our homes to help us feel closer to nature and, thus, more at ease. It’s all about create a soothing surrounding where we can relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. Travertine tiles allow us to achieve this. 
Brighten up an interior space with travertine tiles 
If your heart is set on inviting natural stone into your home, to create this soothing natural look, then you inevitably face a difficult choice – which type of natural stone should I buy? There any many to choose from, with slate and marble being among the most popular options. What sets travertine tiles apart most noticeably is the tone; travertine is fairly light in colour; ranging from a creamy white hue, through to a gorgeous soft gold. 
Light colours are a dream when it comes to interior decorating. They can help to make a room feel lively and refreshed. They also help to make an interior space seem far larger – so if you have a particularly poky bathroom or kitchen, you can make it appear bigger by introducing light travertine tiles. 
Travertine tiles and chocolate mosaics: A match made in heaven 
Travertine tiles make for a beautiful wall display; there’s no denying it. But to inject even more character into your project, you should consider dividing the travertine with an eye-catching border of some description. For example, a charming mosaic tile, such as our Chocolate Mosaic Tiles. They consist of a mix of glass and natural marble in a delicious brown blend. They go with our Ferrara Travertine Tiles splendidly, and really tie the room together. 
Travertine mosaic tiles 
If you’re updating the kitchen and you want to introduce a luscious natural scheme into the room, then you’re easiest and simplest option is to create a splashback. If you’re uncertain what a splashback is, it’s essentially a surface that stands behind a sink or hob and catches any water or fat; preventing it from sinking into the bare wall behind. Travertine mosaic tiles make for a fantastic kitchen splashback. 

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