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Tile Preparation & Sealants Ideas from Walls and Floors

Here at Walls and Floors, we have a vast selection of tile designs and accessories in dozens of different materials and finishes; all with their own individual needs and requirements. To cater for these needs and requirements, we stock a huge variety of tile preparation and sealant products. 

Sealing natural stone tiles 

A popular interior design trend right now is the idea of inviting natural materials into a domestic setting. Natural stone tiles of all types have never been a more popular choice for wall and floor spaces; travertine, marble, slate, granite, limestone – they’re all must-have options!  However, natural stone tiles are fairly porous – they absorb water and dirt, and can quickly become damaged or discoloured. Thanks why it’s imperative to seal your natural stone tiles prior to laying them. Thankfully, we stock a selection of LTP tile preparation and sealant products. 

Preparing a floor space for underfloor heating 

Contrary to what you might think, underfloor heating is actually a very cost-effective way of heating a room. It’s so efficient at heating a room, in fact, that you can turn the radiator off completely (as many of our customers have)! Plus, of course, the heated floor feels incredible underfoot; particularly in the bathroom. 

Our Thermonet underfloor heating matting can be laid directly onto a concrete floor. However, if you’re dealing with wooden floorboards, you’ll need to use a product from our selection of tile preparation and sealant goods; the Dural Durabase matting. Cover the floor in a layer of Dural Durabase matting, and then lay your Thermonet matting. 

Sealing your joints with silicone 

So you’ve just finished tiling your bath or shower, or even your kitchen splashback, and it looks fantastic. But now, even if you’ve used a waterproof tanking system behind your tiles, it’s time to seal those corner joints, around the outsides of your tiling display, to ensure no water can seep behind the tiles. Don’t worry – it doesn’t require some specialised technical tiling product. It just requires a tube of good old-fashioned silicone sealant. If you don’t have an in-date tube resting in the gun? out in the shed, fear not – we stock a selection of excellent-quality silicone sealants in our collection of tile preparation of sealant products. Buy yourself a tube, run a line of silicone along the corner joint, wet your finger, and run it along the silicone you just squirted out. This with smooth the silicone out, whilst working it into every crevice!