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White Tiles

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White Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

White tiles are a classic, staple covering for a lot of wet areas. Whatever the style of your home, you will probably want some white tiles for at least one room. Whether it's a kitchen or bathroom that you're planning to renovate, some classic white tiles could be just right for part or all of the Walls and Floors. 


One of the great benefits of classic white tiles is their versatility. Whether you want to create a really light and airy space or just create a clean, simple look, you will find the ideal tile in our extensive collection. Our classic Izmir white tiles can be used alone or with some accent tiles to create the perfect result, for whatever room you feel they would be suitable.

If you want to have a bit more fun, you can try the Dimensions tiles to create an interesting, funky effect for your walls. These can work particularly well in an ultra-modern bathroom and help to create create the impression of a spa retreat.


The plain colour means you can use the them to create an endless amount of different effects. Try using the Toto Chequer black and white mosaic tiles to create an interesting floor covering that differs from the classic block white. Alternatively, try using the Prismatics satin tiles for a unique look. If you need something cheap and easy to bring your room up to date, check out our collection of cheap tiles that can give you the instant fix you're looking for.

Chic and stylish 

While white tiles might seem like quite a boring option, there are lots of different shapes and effects that you can use to bring a room to life. The Whitewash tiles give a completely different effect to the standard, smooth tiling often seen in traditional wet rooms. You can create a stylish and chic effect with a patterned or textured tile, yet still keep the clean, neat look with the white colour.

Blank canvas 

One of the great selling points of these tiles is that they give you a blank canvas to work with. You might want to go for something bright and colourful but your current decoration prevents you from visualising the look you want to achieve. With plain white tiles, you have a plain background to work with, allowing you to use accessories and decorations to add colour to the space.

Finishing touches 

If you have decided to opt for white tiles, you may still be unsure as to the final effect you want the tiles to have. For example, you may be weighing up the pros and cons of having a glossy surface versus a matt one. With such an extensive collection, Walls and Floors gives you the option to take your time and find the perfect tile for you.

Your decision 

Whether you need to tile an entire floor or just one wall of a room, you are sure to find the right tiles for you. Don't forget you can also mix different white tiles together. You might find that glossy, square tiles are ideal for the walls but a larger, flagstone-style tile might work best for the flooring. Ultimately, you can easily transform a plain or boring space into an eye-catching, classy room by simply adding tiles.

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