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Travertine Effect Tiles

Our Bestselling Travertine Effect Tiles

Travertine Effect Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Love the natural look? Love the idea of bringing the outdoors in? Stone tiles are a great way of achieving this stripped-back look in a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or living area. Particularly travertine tiles, and travertine effect tiles, which generally offer a softer range of patterns and textures. 

Natural travertine tiles vs travertine effect tiles

Travertine tiles are made from a form of limestone, which is porous, so some treatment and maintenance is required. It’s important to seal them to prevent staining-should a clumsy friend spill a glass of Merlot, then travertine tiles would absorb the red liquid. You also have to clean them regularly, using a stone cleaning product, to keep them looking their best. 

In our modern way of living, where we automate tasks for our daily lives at any given opportunity, having to manually maintain tiles is an unappealing prospect; particularly for people with a busy lifestyle – people with hectic work schedules, or those raising families. They don’t have time to seal and clean natural travertine tiles, no matter how badly they want to invite the stone look into their home. 

That’s why here at Walls and Floors, we have put together a collection of realistic travertine effect tiles. Choose from this zero-maintenance selection; all with a lifelike travertine effect design; complete with this limestone’s trademark mottled design. 

The natural look: Nature’s prescription 

If you keep up with the latest interior design trends, you may have noticed the burgeoning trend to bring natural textures into interior spaces; wood effects and stone effects (as well as an abundance of house plants). But why? Why are we so eager to invite natural elements into our homes? Well, our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte has been thinking about it… 

It’s something she calls ‘nature’s prescription’. It’s the idea that by using stone or faux stone products, such as travertine effect tiles, which help to create a natural base in your home, you are allowing yourself to feel closer to nature. This closeness to nature is something that is scientifically proven to help us feel more at ease and relaxed in our homes. When you think about it, this is one of the key goals to creating a successful interior design scheme. You want to create a space you feel relaxed in – a space in which, at the end of a stressful day at work, you can kick back and unwind. 

So, by using our range of realistic travertine effect tiles, which are available in both wall and floor options, you are actually able to piece together a relaxing, stress-busting sanctuary in your home. Perfect for creating some breathing space to counteract a stressful lifestyle.  

Why buy travertine effect tiles from Walls and Floors?

Not only do Walls and Floors have an impressive selection of lifelike travertine effect tiles designs, with Free Delivery over £99 and an easy returns policy, but they also know how to look after their customers. If you like the look of a tile, but you want to take a closer look, take advantage of Walls and Floors’ fantastic sample service. You can order a discounted full size tile, or you can get a free cut sample, with Free Delivery! 

If you’re tackling your first DIY tiling project, and you have a query, Walls and Floors can help with that, too. Send your query over to Paul Collins, the Tile Guru. Paul is the resident tiling expert, and is always more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your project.