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Vintage Delights

Vintage Delights Ideas from Walls and Floors

Today’s desire to re-create the vintage elegance of yesteryear has led to the classic Victorian wall and floor tiles being used in many modern interiors.

The latest production methods from the leading tile manufacturers combined with traditional clay colour stains, add timeless charm and character to these periodic designs.

At Walls and Floors our beautifully detailed, technically excellent and precision made Victorian Tiles Collection, will help you capture the nostalgic spirit of this era, and allow you to re-create the unique grace and elegance of the classic English house, both inside and out.

It is also important that as the Leading Tile Specialists we understand that not all ‘vintage’ is periodic to the Victorian era, many elements have been innovated with a contemporary twist, making them the height of interior fashions and adaptable to modern day trends.

We recommend that you take advantage of our sample service with Free Delivery and experiment with your interior choices. Classic is wonderful but there is no reason you cannot be both innovative and original in the process.