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Whites & Woods

Whites & Woods Ideas from Walls and Floors

Invite the magical combination of whites and woods into your home this winter - ready for the year ahead. The colour white has several connotations; fresh, bright, clean, new. And that's exactly what a home needs at the start of a New Year - a fresh new look - a clean slate. Dressing up your interiors in white makes the room feel bright and friendly and welcoming. Just what your guests want to see, when they pop round for a coffee. 
Inviting wood effects into the home ticks off a very important interior design trend in 2016 - the theme of using raw materials in home decor. Stone effects and wood effects are the order of the day. They allow us to feel closer to nature - which is an important thing in this day and age, where we can barely steal our eyes aware from the nearest screen. 
Whites and woods go hand-in-hand. So browse through this selection, and start match-making some of our stylish options! 
Adding white to your kitchen, bathroom or living areas creates a neutral background that you can accessorise to, to your heart's consent. Changing the look of a room comes down to the permanent decor. The tiles, the paint, the wallpaper. The stuff you can't replace in a heartbeast. So, if you know you're likely to want a change of appearance in your home fairly soon, you want to create a backdrop you can easily accessorise to. Because accessories are the easy thing to replace. The cushions, the candle holders, the Dunelm ornaments. They're the things that are interchangeable. 
White goes with any colour. So, once you've created your neutral white background, by applying white tiles to your walls or floors, changing the look of a room comes down to changing the colour of your accessories. The interchangable knick-knacks we discussed a moment ago. And it's as simple as that. In short, using white as a backdrop in an interior setting, means you can change the look and feel of the room again and again and again, with no great cost, and no great effort. 
Then there's the size factor. White makes spaces seem larger. It's a trick interior stylists have used for centuries - painting our ceilings white. It makes them seem higher, as if we have more headroom. Thus, making our walls white makes them seem further apart - therefore increasing the visual volume of the wall. 
Also included in this range as some very light grey and beige tiles, to allow you to create an 'off white' look, whilst still creating a blank canvas. You'll also find some coloured mosaics to combine with your whites. They can be used as striking border tiles to help break up a wall tiling display.