Night of the Living Pumpkins Part 7 Tile

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Mosaic Tiles by Envy.
Glass Night of the Living Pumpkins Part 7 Tile from the Dazzle Mosaics Tiles range by Envy... Read More

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2 -- Floor coverings in areas that are walked on by soft soled or normal footwear with, at the most, occasional small amounts of scratching dirt (e.g. rooms in the living areas of homes but with the exception of kitchens, entrances, and other rooms which may have a lot of traffic). This does not apply to abnormal footwear (i.e. hobnailed boots).

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You've found part of Night of the Living Pumpkins!

This October, to celebrate Halloween, we're hosting a pumpkin hunt across our site. So brush up on your knowledge of all things spooky, because there's a chance to win a £150 tile voucher. To start from the beginning, click here.

This is the SEVENTH part (out of eight).  

The letter is 'O'. Jot down the letter 'O'. It will become important later on. 

Here is your next Night of the Living Pumpkins question:  

What 5-lettered word is commonly associated with Salem and black cats? 

Enter the answer in our search box at the top of the page, and we'll see you at the next pumpkin! If using a mobile, you may need to click 'next' for a few pages. 

Need a helping hand? Just ask over on our FacebookGoogle+ or twitter with the hashtag #PumpkinHunt. Don't forget to tell your friends! 

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