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Our range of Quartz tiles are used by some of the finest establishments in the world. The large collection means you're spoilt for choice and will find it easy to pick the perfect tile for your home. Whether you want to add some character or bring a little bit of glamour into your home, you'll find everything you need in this extensive collection. These Quartz floor tiles go perfectly with our Astro Mosaic Tiles, which are suitable for walls.

The quartz tiles have a highly polished finish and there are little flecks of mirror trapped inside the material, giving them a beautiful sparkle under the light. For a chic, classy look, add some spotlights to the room and angle them so that they point directly onto the quartz tiles. This will draw attention to the glistening effect and ensure your tiles are the centre of attention.

Quartz Tiles

There is a range of different designs and patterns so you can find the right look for each room. The mosaic designs are ideal for creating a subtle splash back behind your bathroom sink but can also look stunning when applied over the entire room to turn your bathroom into a fashionable wet room.

The larger tiles are ideal for flooring and give a very smooth and elegant finish. Quartz Tiles cannot be used in areas with excessive heat, however, the white, grey and black quartz tiles can be used with underfloor heating no greater than 150w. Quartz tiles should not be used around or in fireplaces.

Colourful Fun

With a large choice of colours available, the quartz tiles are versatile enough to be used in almost any room of the house. Whether you want a classic, sleek black or are keen to inject some colour into the room with a splash of red, you'll find everything you need to create the perfect look for your requirements.

There is the option of mixing the colours together to create a unique design that is exactly to your taste. It could be that you use a couple of the mosaic tile sheets in one colour to create a point of interest on a floor, while the rest of the room is made up of the larger tiles in a contrasting colour.

Shape up

The quartz tiles come in a range of different sizes so you can easily have a bit of fun with the design of them. Even if you want to create a classic, simple flooring solution, you can still mix the sizes of the tiles up and have some larger, rectangular ones teamed with smaller, square shaped ones. This can make it easier when you lay the floor as well, saving you time in cutting tiles to fit.

Alternatively, it means you can go for a mosaic effect for a shower cubicle in the bathroom but then add larger, square tiles for the floor. This will not only create a bit of a contrast in the room, but it may be more practical and allow you to have fun with you tiling. With six different colour combinations and four different designs available, you'll be sure to find the perfect selection for your home.

Walls and Floors Quartz gloss polished tiles are premium top quality with crushed mirror segments added to create a sparkle to the surface finish. They are approximately 94% quartz with the addition of resin making up the 6%, this is a premium ratio for a durable quality tile. Our Quartz tiles are suitable for use with electric underfloor heating mats; 150 watts or less.