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There are times when one might look around and realize they need a change in their home. A great way to update is to use tiles, as there are many different options for using tiles in any space of the home. What’s the best part of using tiles? They range from inexpensive to very expensive per square foot, which means there are a lot of options; who doesn't like options?

One of the most popular ways to add jazz to a room is in the kitchen using wall tiles. Mosaic tiles are best for this type of project as they are smaller. It's possible to create an absolutely beautiful back splash in your kitchen and really wow guests. It's a small and doable job that can completely change the way a kitchen looks. Some like to go for a polished-glam look with a back splash. One idea might be to use soft, neutral colours throughout the home. A ceramic back-splash with a glaze is very attractive to the eye and really pops when combined with this type of look. It's amazing what a difference a change like this can make.

Let's say someone moves into a home that has an unfinished basement. In this case, floor tiles are a nice option if carpet isn't what they're looking for. If there are kids in the house, and it's an older home that has had leaks from the bathrooms up above, tile is a safer choice. Quarry tile is a natural and durable tile, and some people are thankful for the traction it creates for kids running around with a lot of energy. Something to remember is that basements can be cold, so a nice area rug can be thrown over the tile to warm up the room, or separate the living space from the kids' "play-space". Also, if there is ever a leak from the pipes, the entire basement isn't ruined, because wet carpet can have a terrible odour.

After living in quite a few different homes, people might start to notice that when it comes to bathroom tiles, the colour scheme is important. It can make a difference in how clean a bathroom appears. Some homes have tiles that use a nice combination of brown colours that possess a nice texture, which also masks dirt and debris. It's possible to forget that it needs cleaning. If there are tiles that are a much lighter colour such as off-white, it may get frustrating trying to keep up with the constant dirt that appears. So although lighter colours provide a light, airy, clean look, in theory, unless the occupant of the space is rarely home, it becomes extremely obnoxious to deal with; colour of the tile is important to think about 

There are so many choices between colour, shape, and material that the possibilities are endless. Another project idea to tackle is using Mirror tiles, which are tiles made from mirrors. This should only be used for a certain ambiance. A bathroom is probably the first place someone might think to use mirror tiles, and rightfully so; it might be a great idea to use these in the shower. It's a pretty look; very rich and chic in its reflective qualities.

Now get started! Search on the internet, and even explore friends' and families' homes. Sometimes it's hard to visualize just how these projects will turn out, but exploring will give you a better idea. Just make sure to properly educate yourself and bring home samples; it will be much easier to see the end project. It can be very rewarding and save a lot of money to be able to do these projects yourself, just start small and remember the sky is the limit.

We have a staggering selection of tiles here at Walls and Floors this Autumn. No matter what style you're looking for, or what budget you're working on, we have the perfect tile for your home - discover your perfect style this season. Matt or gloss, wall or floor. From our cheap tiles and classic budget tiles from 10p each, through to our stylish and elegant designer tiles.

Looking for Wall Tile decor? We have an extensive range of Wall Tiles from contemporary whites to vibrant brights. Time for some new Flooring? We supply an unrivalled range of Floor Tiles from porcelain slate-effect to natural stone.

Maybe your kitchen needs a bold statement? We have an exciting new range of glass kitchen splashbacks, from eye-catching striking colour to sparking metallics. Perhaps you are after our bestselling Brick Tiles? We stock a giant spectrum of smooth, crackle and bevelled Metro Tiles all with our Price Beat Promise, from 150x75mm to 400x100mm and our popular 200x100 brick-shape tiles - the choice is yours.

Create a modern look in your kitchen or bathroom with our flexible collection of Metro 200x100 Tiles. For that magic, cutting-edge flair, why not try our very own Rhian 300x100 Tiles? Why not liven up a dull floor with our popular ceramic Slateface Tiles or porcelain Kuala Tiles. Browse through our mountain selection of tiles today, and order some samples to see what works well for you. We have fast two-day nationwide delivery just a click away, and our ground-breaking online Price Beat Promise is the jewel in the crown.

Looking for guides on How To Tile? Whether it's in the bathroom, kitchen or a living area, we have tons of quick and easy tips to help you lay the perfect floor to fixing the perfect wall. Our tiling expert guides you through the process of planning out your tiles, spreading an even bed of adhesive, and then placing your new tiles in place. These top to bottom guides cover tiling floors on both screed and timber to waterproofing a bathroom shower - why not give it a go? 

Whether you want to rejuvenate your living room, jazz up your kitchen, transform your bathroom, or give your bedroom a fresh new look, tiles are the perfect decorating option for every room in the house. There are thousands of designs to choose from - from realistic wood effects that are alive with knots and woodgrain, through to soothing stone effects, modernistic mosaics, eye-catching Moroccan pattern tiles and stylish, trendy hexagon shapes. Unlock Your Dream Home this February! 

Renovating a home always presents design challenges: paint or panelling for walls, treatments for floors, determining the kind of counter tops to use, bathtub and shower styles, and the lists continues on and on. Tile can offer an amazing array of unique looks that can liven up anyone's home. Especially when you consider that tile doesn't have to be just in the kitchen and bath.

Using tile to build a shower in the bath gives the opportunity to play with colour in ways few other methods can compete with. If a bathroom is all white, a focal wall with a contrasting colour inside the shower adds compelling visual interest. Extend that colour to the floor and shower curb to create an inviting niche to step into for cleaning up. The tiles available today offer limitless colour combinations. Choose the same tile in close shades of the same colour family. When mixed on the wall or ceiling, this has the potential to create a watercolour effect worthy of a master.

Redecorating a bathroom that is small has extra challenges built in to keep it from feeling cramped. Using single colour in a light shade of tile throughout can help reduce the feel of being in a tight space. Choosing narrow tile and installing it on the vertical will create the illusion that the ceiling is much higher than it really is. If some kind of visual interest is still desired, look for tiles that have matching wainscoting. Some styles of tile have a variety of wainscoting that can be mixed and matched to add interest even when only a single colour is in use. With different base and top cap options, choose one type of wainscot as a baseboard, another at chair rail height, and a third for ceiling moulding. If tile is used to face the outside of the bathtub or shower curb, consider some kind of tile wainscoting for that, as well.

Kitchens are perfect for putting tile to use and are great places to play with colour. A monochromatic kitchen with a tile counter that extends into its own baseboard is a great technique to add contrasting colour to the rest of the decorating scheme. The walls themselves can also be tiled floor to ceiling, promising even the messiest families easy clean-ups. The wall tile doesn't need to be a shy neutral colour, either. Tone down a bold colour for the walls by choosing neutrals everywhere else without taking away from the impact. This same rule works for bathrooms, too.

Checkerboard patterns with tile on kitchen floors are an absolute classic. Echo that with smaller tiles on the walls and it creates the perfect setting for going modern chic or retro kitsch depending on the appliances and accents chosen. If tuxedo colours don't appeal, consider any other colour to go with the white as a funky and personalised look.

Tiles shouldn't be delegated only to the bathroom and kitchen, either. High traffic hallways and entries with tile surrounded by a wide, hardwood border doesn't just look fantastic, but the ease of cleaning tile makes it a great choice as well. Mudrooms and laundry/utility rooms also benefit from having tile floors. Especially in a laundry room, extending the tile at least part way up the wall is a great way to protect the walls from splashes. A mudroom's function is to take a lot of messy abuse, so utilizing tile for the floors is a practical choice. Large pieces of stone tile work well on walls instead of plain wood panelling, or combine wood and tile to make an elegant statement. Fireplace tile instead of brick is another way of introducing an unexpected feature in a room around a hearth.


Floors are one of those room elements that get only as much attention as is absolutely necessary. If a pattern decided for the floor can't end neatly where it meets the wall, keep going! Hardwood floors come in herringbone and parquetry patterns; there is nothing to stop the innovative designer from doing the same with tile.

Using tile as design elements is a viable option in almost any room of the home. More and more options of making beautiful personal statements while still maintaining functionality is provided by the use of tiles on floors, walls, even ceilings. Tile lends well to unusual pairings especially with wood and marble counters. Making the possibilities limited only by the imagination.

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