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Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaic Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Eye-catching Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are ideal to create an eye-catching feature piece in your home. Whether you cover a whole bathroom in them or just add a small touch for a splash back, mosaic tiles have a variety of different uses and designs. Not only do they give you something interesting to look at, but these small square tiles also have various practical uses. In rooms that are exposed to water, such as bathrooms and kitchens, tiled walls and floors can offer you a sturdy, long-lasting work surface that can easily withstand the tests of time and heavy usage.

Huge range of designs and finishes

Whether you want to create a rustic, farmhouse feel in your kitchen or an underwater wonderland in your bathroom, you'll find a design and finish to suit your preference. You can choose anything from tiny little glass tiles to river pebbles, creating an effect to suit every room of the house.
We even have a range of swimming pool tiles that will look perfect in the summer sunshine. If you're going for a fun and funky look, the lustrous collection will reflect the light differently as you walk around the room, giving an iridescent, unusual finish for a truly cool environment.

Nice and simple

Whether you need a small selection for a feature area or are looking to make a large-scale order, Walls and Floors can easily accommodate you. Similarly, you'll find everything from luxury tiles to budget options, all at a top quality standard. With an easy online ordering system, you can take your pick from our huge selection and have them delivered right to your door. There's also the option to order samples so if you're torn between some different designs, you can try them out and decide which one works best in reality.
The tiles are easy to apply and look great once they've set. Coming on sheets, they are extra simple to fix to either walls or floors in next to no time. The mesh netting makes sticking the tiles as easy as possible and even removes the need for space savers, ensuring your tiles are perfectly straight before you even start.

Make your own design

With so many different options available, you can create a unique mosaic of your own with the selection of tiles on offer. If you want to create an unusual design then mix different sheets together to make a larger scale pattern. This sort of look is ideal for large walls or rooms that are going to be entirely covered in tiles such as bathrooms or wet rooms.

The range of anti-slip tiles mean you can cover your floors and not worry about any accidents happening when they get wet. With a range of different patterns, you can have a funky design or keep it simple and classic. You can also recreate an outdoors look with our range of brick tiles. If you want to bring the outside in, these designs will give you a perfect rustic feel, without having to sacrifice on practicality.

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