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Victorian Tiles

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Victorian Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you are trying to create a new look for your bathroom or your kitchen, Victorian tiles are a great material to work with. In actual fact, you will probably find that this particular style of tile will work for almost any room in your home. The beauty of Victorian tiles is that you can use them to refurbish old Victorian or Edwardian homes, or use them to create an entirely new look. This can be welcome news to those who have bought an older property and want to embrace the historical designs without having to use old, possibly damaged tiles.

Create your effect

You may be keen to get a very rustic look for your room that gives a feeling of opulence yet still remains practical for everyday use. Victorian unglazed tiles will give you exactly that. You can create a very natural, true to style impression for your room. Edwardian tiles are another collection to consider, particularly in a bathroom. When teamed with a free standing bathtub and brass fittings, you can instantly make the room look vintage yet stylish.

Embrace the patterns

One thing you will find with Victorian tiles is that many of them are patterned with quite detailed and intricate designs. While lots of homeowners believe that pattern should be used sparingly for tiling, this is not the case if you want to truly create an old-fashioned look. Try using Beatrice tiles all across one wall and make a feature of the pattern if you are wary of going over the top. This will instantly draw the eye in but won't look like it's too much; an ideal effect for those new to this sort of look.

Striking impression

One of the easiest ways to create a striking look for your home is to use floor tiles. Chequered floor arrangements look expensive, professional and instantly catch attention. Pick a bold colour like blue or black and team it with a white or cream to get the best effect. Be sure to look at the various different fittings to ensure the look is perfected and all the little details are taken care of.

Great quality, high standards

You'll find that Walls and Floors has the largest collection of old Victorian tiles online so you'll be spoilt for choice. Our collection of designs from the Minton Hollins range is also unrivalled, such is the extent of our supplies. Because we have so many styles on offer, you could easily spend hours choosing your perfect combination. Our Victorian Design Centre is full of hundreds of different shapes and colours, giving you endless opportunities to produce a unique and authentic Victorian design that is truly your own creation.

Big decisions

With so many different tiles on offer, there's every possibility that you might order something and then change your mind. Because of this, we have plenty of designs available to order as a sample so you can see how they look in your home, allowing you to make the right decision and create the perfect room for you. Don't forget our fantastic two-day delivery service as well so you can get started as quickly as possible.

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