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Mosaic tiles are ideal to create an eye-catching feature in your home. Whether you tile a whole room or just add a small touch for a splashback, or feature, mosaic tiles have a variety of different uses and almost limitless design options. The beauty of these marvellous little tiles is equalled by their practicality. In areas where water or other liquids are prevalent such as bathrooms and kitchens, mosaic tiles can offer you a durable work surface that can easily withstand the tests of time and don’t wilt under heavy usage.

Huge range of designs and finishes

Whether you want to create a rustic, farmhouse feel, in your kitchen, or an underwater wonderland in your bathroom, there’s a design and finish to suit your preference. Mosaic tiles offer a wide-ranging choice from Glass Tiles to river pebbles, allowing you to create the right look for any room of your home.

Walls and Floors have a range of Swimming Pool Tiles that look spectacular in the summer sunshine. If you're going for a fun and funky look, the lustrous collection will reflect the light differently as you walk around the room, giving an iridescent, unusual finish for a truly cool environment.

Simple yet stylish mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are designed in sheets, making it easy for you to cut and shape them around the size of your kitchen or, blend them together to create your own unique design! We have many styles and designs that are perfect for combining together, including our modern Hexagon mosaic tiles, and our elegant Marble Effect mosaic tiles. 

Create your own design

With the availability of different options available, you are able to create a unique mosaic of your own allowing your creative flair full rein. This allows the blending of various types and materials to make an impressive larger scale overall design. This sort of look is ideal for large walls or rooms that are going to be entirely covered in tiles such as bathrooms or wet rooms. Mosaic tiles also offer a range of Anti-Slip Tiles which means you can confidently tile bathroom floors and not have to worry about accidents happening when they are wet and slippery. 

Make your own mosaic tile border 

Border Tiles are perfect for tying a room together. They can sit between two tiles of the same design to help break up the wall display, or they can fuse together two different designs. Mosaic tiles also make for fantastic border tiles; particularly mosaics that consist of different colours, textures and materials.

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