Got an L-shaped room in your home? Struggling to get the layout right? We've put together some decorating ideas to help you make the most of your space.

Try placing a large rug in certain areas of the room such as under your dining room table and chairs. A rug will help the anchor the space.


Dining room rug


Invest in a good storage unit, with plenty of different sections. Storage units can be used as a focal point by filling shelves with co-coordinating photo frames, candles and home décor accessories. This will transform the unit into a design-lead piece rather than a plain piece of furniture.


Storage unit


Get doodling! Your home is your space, so sit down with a nice cup of tea and get your ideas down on paper!




Lighting is very important for 'L' shaped kitchens. Use wall lights under cabinets as well as over head lighting. These fantastic pendant lights are available from Rigby and Mac...


Coloured glass pendant lights from Rigby and Mac


When you're placing your furniture, sit it at a 45-degree angle, so that it minimises the long and narrow areas of the room.


Place furniture at a 45 degree angle


Here's a practical solution for busy L shaped areas. Try to counteract the hectic appearance of a cluttered room by adding cool, tranquil and welcoming blues.


Calming blue decor scheme


Use the same flooring throughout the 'L' shape to link the two spaces together making them flow from one area of the room to the next.


Hallway geometric tiles


Create a focal point! Whether it's making one wall slightly darker or making a feature fireplace, adding a focal point breaks up the space and leads the eye!


Gosford fireplace tiles


Matching your sofa to the colour of your carpet will make the room more streamlined, harmonious and will make the room look bigger.

You need to decided whether your 'L' shaped space would be better off as 2 separate rooms rather than 1.


Room divider


If you'd rather have two rooms, invest in a room divider to section off the smaller area from the larger.



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