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Essential Accessories and Tools for Perfect Tiling Projects

Tiling your home this season, and fancy a bit of DIY? Make sure you have the right tile tools for the job. Here at Walls and Floors, we have everything you need to complete a tiling project; from tile cutters and trowels to grout floats, spacers and mixing buckets. We also have everything you need to waterproof a wet room or shower space!

What will you need?

Whether you’re a professional tiler or a DIYer undertaking a tiling project by yourself, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Typically, for a standard tiling job, you’ll need the following things: a tiling trowel for mixing the adhesive and applying a bed to the wall or floor (if you’re using powdered adhesive or grout you’ll need a mixing bucket to turn the powder into a paste); spacers to set the tiles apart; a grout float to apply the grout once your tiles are set; and a tile cutter in case you need to make any cuts during your project, which is highly likely.

Manual or electric tile cutters?

A manual tile cutter consists of a scoring wheel on a rail. You use it to score the tile, and then you use a snapping action to split the tile in half, with a nice straight cut edge. Manual tile cutters can be used to cut ceramic tiles and thinner porcelain designs, too.

An electric tile cutter, or wet cutter, is used for sturdier products such as natural stone or thicker porcelain. Due to the amount of dust that these can generate, it’s recommended to use them outside. Don’t turn the cutter on until you are ready to cut, for safety reasons. Once you’re ready to cut, switch the cutter on, and gently push the tile into the blade; running along the line that you’ve cut. Again, we have some fantastic electric cutters to choose from; the machines that most tilers themselves use!

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