How to Spider Proof Your Home

How to spider proof your home

Spiders are nothing to worry about – particularly in the UK, where they’re mostly harmless. Without spiders, in fact, we would be overrun with smaller insects like flies and aphids! That being said, a lot of us don’t like the idea of spiders coming into our homes. Sadly for some, there is no way of stopping them from coming in – short of living in an airtight bubble. But here are some tips we found on the internet for creating a spider proof home…

1) Trim any nearby greenery

If there are bushes or shrubs near to the windows and doors of your home, keep them trimmed! These are the spots where spiders will create their webs and set up home!

spider cobweb bush

2) Fill any cracks and holes to the outside world

Often pipework coming into your home (beneath your sink, for example), will be coming through a hole that isn’t exactly a snug fit. There will often be a gap around the piping. Seal this with silicone.

It’s the same with cables for the Sky dish, etc. If the hole is bigger than the cable, fill the gap with silicone or caulk!

3) Replace those air brick vents!

Older houses tend to have large, open slats in their airbricks (the vents that sit in the top corner of a room, allowing air in from the outside). Tack fine mesh over the air-brick, or replace the vent cover with a new plastic one!

wall vent

4) Get caulking for a spider proof home

Go around the outside of your home and take a look at your window and door frames. If you see any cracks between the frame and the brickwork, fill them with caulk. Otherwise, spiders will worm their way into your home.

5) No fly zone

Use fly curtains and bug sprays to keep the amount of flies in your home to a minimum, and clean away their cadavers. Keeping the spiders well-fed will cause them to stay put, where they will grow and lay their eggs; releasing hundreds of off-spring into your home.

fly curtain

6) Spider-Busting Essentials

Below are a couple of products that will aid you in having a spider-free home. First up, a spider-repellent spray from John Lewis; the ultimate weapon for a spider proof home. It’s made of completely natural ingredients that don’t harm the spider. Spray it around the windows and doors and it will help to keep the little eight-legged critters away. Secondly, a non-deadly spider catcher from Amazon to quickly and humanely catch any arachnids that do make it into the house.

spider spray and catcher

There you go – some tips we found for spider proofing your home. As we said, there’s no way of stopping spiders from coming in, but you may see a reduction in the amount of larger spiders in the house.