Dream Colour Scheme: Slumber Cookie

stone effect tiles colour palette

Throughout the coming months, as part of our efforts to help you #UnlockYourDreamHome, we’ll be bringing you various colour schemes for you to invite into your interiors, along with some simple,  affordable decorating ideas and stylish accessories. Slumber Cookie is our latest colour scheme. It’s a calming theme, reminiscent of a relaxing, sandy beach, and will instantly make your guests feel comfortable and grounded. Brown hues add warmth to any room – whether it’s painted on the walls, covering the floor, or incorporated in styling and accessories.

Your paint palette

When it comes to painting blocks of wall area, these are the colours you want to stick to:

colour palette paint tones dulux

Kutlu Tiles and Wood Effect

The Kutlu Tile range, part of our selection of Moroccan Tiles, offers a room-stealing patchwork of beige-themed patterns; perfect for creating a statement floor! If you have a large, open-plan living space, and don’t want a statement floor to fill the entire area, as you feel it may be too overpowering, simply create a square statement patch, as shown here! It helps to divide the large space a little better, and makes it clear that this is the sitting area. Around that patch, use sandy wood effect tiles, to help tie in with the Slumber Cookie colour theme! Elder Natural Tiles are used in the below room.

kutlu tiles moroccan pattern

wood effect tiles and Moroccan Encaustic Tiles

Jannah Wood Effect Tiles

Another sandy-coloured tile that fits in well with this theme is the Jannah Wood Effect Tile. A plank-shaped tile, it has an incredibly realistic wood grain design, and resembles beech. It’s made of porcelain so it’s durable – it won’t scratch or mark like real wooden floorboards do – and it’s perfectly suitable for use with underfloor heating.

jannah wood effect tiles

realistic wood effect tiles

Elicit Stone Effect Tiles

2015 is all about inviting raw, natural-looking materials into your home. So if wood effect tiles aren’t for you, then stone effect tiles might be! Our Elicit Tile range consists of several realistic stone effect designs. They’re suitable for use on both walls and floors, and they come in two shapes – square and rectangular. You can go for one or the other, or combine the two to create an eye-catching layout.

stone effect colour palette

stone effect tiles

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  • Sarah
    Sarah on March 11, 2015 at 10:57 am
    Thanks for this. Found on Google. Going to be working on my bedroom in a few weeks and might incorporate this scheme.

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