Living Room Wood Wall Panels

Living Room Wood Wall Panels

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Living Room Wood Wall Panels

The living room is our haven, where we decompress after a hard day, so it should be looking great too! Our living room wall panels add a modern flair to spaces in need of a little extra something. Here at Walls and Floors, we like to cater to every room in the home - introducing Trepanel®!

Our easy-to-install living room wall panels offer simplicity and elegance, providing your space with a touch of sophistication. The installation options for our wood panels are plentiful - install with nails across the panel that drive into the wall, or with an easy bit of glue! Our panels are fully veneered, across all sides, so that you can rest assured there’s no extra work to do! Their rigid plastic felt back makes installation even easier, offering outstanding durability. 

We have a variety of colour options too, from light oaks to dark greys, and even blues and greens! Inject a sense of warmth and comfort throughout your living room with our dark Walnut wood, or go modern and contemporary with our light grey Ash shade. 

Our living room wall panels come in multiple sizes, ensuring you find your perfect match! Our full 2400x600mm panels are perfect for covering floor to ceiling, whereas our mini options, 1200x600mm, are great for those smaller projects. If you’re looking for something even bigger and bolder, check out our selection of Lux wood panels, featuring wide slats! If these still aren’t the right size for you, you can easily cut our panels down to size using a small hand saw and a Stanley knife.

The acoustic sound absorption rating ensures our panels absorb and lessen loud or harsh noise around the home, silencing them to seem quieter. It keeps your sound in, and external sounds out! Be sure to order a free sample now!