How to Use Tile Spacers

Once you’ve chosen your favourite tiles, it’s time to think about how they’re going to be installed. If you’re thinking about embarking on a DIY project then you’ll need to know all about tile spacers and how they work.

What are tile spacers?

Tile spacers are a useful tool that helps you produce even grout lines when tiling a surface. Made from plastic, they are shaped in a T or a cross shape and they are available in different widths, typically ranging from 2-6mm. They are also used in order to achieve a consistent pattern when fixing tiles, providing a symmetrical finish.

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What size tile spacers should I use?

Mostly, the choice of tile spacer is down to personal preference and how big you would like the grout joints to be, however, there are British Standards to consider. It is recommended that wall tile spacers should be between 2mm3mm and floor tile spacers should be between 3mm-5mm.

How many spacers do I need?

It’s relatively easy to work out how many tile spacers you’ll need for a project; simply take the number of tiles that you’re using and multiply it by four. You should always get more than you need, however, to account for breakages.

When should I remove tile spacers?

You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to remove the tile spacers as, if they’re taken out too soon, the tiles could slip out of place, and if they’re left in too long, you might have some trouble getting them out. Most fast-setting adhesives will be cured in 20-30 minutes, and you should aim to take the spacers out before the end of that period.

Can I grout over tile spacers?

The short answer is no. Leaving tile spacers in place can give your tiles a sub-par look once they’ve been grouted over, as you’ll be able to see the ‘x’ shapes appearing through the grout over time.

Can tile spacers be used with all types of tiles?

Yes, tile spacers can be used with wall and floor tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles and more.

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